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Nintendo wins patent dispute with Gamevice


Nintendo has once again won a patent lawsuit. This time it’s from Gamevice and the lawsuit was filed back in 2018. The manufacturer of smartphone and tablet accessories claimed that Nintendo copied some of their ideas for detachable controllers with the iconic Joy-Con, but the Patent Trial and Appeal Board have rejected all 19 claims against Nintendo from Gamevice.

“Gamevice does not contest Nintendo’s showing that these dependent claims are unpatentable, nor does Gamevice offer any other argument or evidence in support of patentability,” the board said.

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8 thoughts on “Nintendo wins patent dispute with Gamevice”

  1. Only reason they were filing against Nintendo is because literally no one is buying their crap and Nintendo being successful with their hybrid console they got jelly and wanted some of that pie. That and they thought Nintendo was an easy target to go after and thought they would have won.

  2. I’m really glad courts don’t have to uphold ridiculous patents that somehow make it through the patent office. Sorry, but you don’t get to own the entire concept of a controller with a clip on it.

  3. Man, how do people even make new gadgets anymore with all the patent trolls waiting to pounce anyone who achieves success?

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