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China: sales of Animal Crossing: New Horizons suspended


Joshua Wong, a Hong Kong democracy activist, recently posted an image on Twitter that he captured directly from Animal Crossing: New Horizons that shows an in-game protest. It reads ‘Free Hong Kong – Revolution Now’. Reuters is now reporting that since the picture was uploaded, sales of Animal Crossing: New Horizons for Nintendo Switch have been suspended; search results on grey market e-commerce platforms such as Pinduoduo have been removed.

Players in the territory can still access the game online and the title can still be purchased on the eShop if the digital store is accessed on an imported console. At the time of writing, it’s not clear whether the game being delisted is a directive from China’s content regulator or a voluntary act by politically sensitive e-commerce platforms.

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23 thoughts on “China: sales of Animal Crossing: New Horizons suspended”

  1. Mr.Krabs with a mustache

    Kind of clickbait. I doubt that the Hong protests in the game were even seen by China. The reason it got banned was because there was a huge amount of illegal imports for animal crossing and China only allows the games on its switch to be legal. Many other games are banned there too.

    1. China is completely aware of any type of protests in all media. They employ hundreds of people to do just that and censor anything they can. They do it all the time.

    1. Ok. If your tired then do something other than complain on a Nintendo fansite. Either that or stop pretending you care.

      1. And what is he supposed to do? He doesn’t have magical shotgun that can just remove the current government in China.

      2. Don’t assume to know wt others feel or think. He’s complaining about the events in china, which is exactly wt you should do in any form that can reach the public. Wt a foolish comment to make smh

      3. +Bryan Mo
        What the actual hell dude? What do you even know about the person you’re replying to? Grow up you moron.

  2. Or they may of just suspected he would handle the pandemic poorly, essentially sabotaging himself from re-election.

    There’s also a possibility it could have been leaked in the US though. Fort Detrick, a germ research lab, was shut down back in August because of an “internal leak”, they do solemnly swear nothing leaked to the outside world though!

    1. While there’s no definite answer, I do believe it came directly from China.

      Maybe attempting to specifically target Donald Trump is a little far, I just think it’s crazy the events that have played out surrounding the outbreak. I’m sure they wouldn’t have minded if it had.

  3. Nobody created this on purpose, and to blame an entire country or people for a world pandemic is very dangerous. Think about about a regular Chinese person that doesn’t like wet markets, has nothing to do with them. Then sees headlines “Chinese Virus”. Coool.

    Blaming an entire country of people for a global pandemic is wreckless. It came out of specific group of people that like to eat exotic animals. So if you want to blame people, blame meat eaters and their messed up practices and insatiable appetites. China has wet markets, America has veal, they both are fucking terrible.

    1. I wouldn’t blame meat eaters or an entire country either. I do put some blame on their government though. Especially the fact that they punished the whistle blower doctors for trying to alert their peers about this new SARS like virus. They wouldn’t even let them wear protective gear, and some doctors were secretly wearing gear underneath their clothing.

      I think these facts make the conspiracy theory that the Chinese government released the virus to put a stop to the protests seem not so far fetched. And I personally think the bat or wet market theory is a cover up of what is really going on.

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