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Burnout Paradise Remastered for Switch includes eight DLC packs, runs at 60fps

The official Nintendo website has more information about Burnout Paradise Remastered for the Nintendo Switch system. The game will run at 60fps and include high-resolution textures, and pinch-and-pull map controls. You’ll also get all eight DLC packs included. The game is priced up at $50 and is set to be released on 19th June.

  • The Definitive Burnout Paradise Experience – Wreak havoc in Paradise City on-the-go with Burnout Paradise Remastered on Nintendo Switch! Fully remastered and meticulously recreated, Burnout Paradise Remastered delivers the complete original game with eight DLC packs, including the Cops and Robbers pack, Legendary Cars, Burnout Bikes, and Big Surf Island with new locations, challenges, and vehicles to discover.
  • The Ultimate Driving Playground – Forget the rulebook as you blaze a path of speed and destruction throughout Paradise City. Smash through traffic and rule the roads in adrenaline-fuelled online races and social challenges with up to eight other players, or pass the controller (or console!) in local party play.
  • Full-Throttle Graphics – Optimized for the Nintendo Switch with a range of technological enhancements, soak in the sights of an open world in 60 glorious frames per second, high-resolution textures, and pinch-and-pull map controls.


4 thoughts on “Burnout Paradise Remastered for Switch includes eight DLC packs, runs at 60fps”

  1. I played Most Wanted 2012 on my Vita back in 2013. After watching a few trailers of Burnout Paradise, I feel like there isn’t much left for me, it just looks like Most Wanted with some extras to justify calling it “Burnout”.
    With that said, $50 for it, even after taking into account it comes with those DLCs, still feels like EA stretched it way too much. Maybe one day, with 50% discount…

  2. This ain’t need for speed. In this series you can actually dent your car. Feels wierd when racing games let you crash at deadly speeds without getting a scratch.

    Anywho, 50 bucks ehhhhh, maybe wait for a lil discount. This series rocks though, one of those games that doesn’t let you blink.

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