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Venture Beat: No Nintendo Direct planned for June

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Venture Beat is reporting this afternoon that Nintendo won’t be holding its traditional Nintendo Direct presentation in June due to the company’s work at home policy. The publication says that despite the lack of a Nintendo Direct presentation the company could still make some announcements during the summer. It’s thought that another Nintendo Direct may not come until the very end of summer.


51 thoughts on “Venture Beat: No Nintendo Direct planned for June”

  1. If this is true then I hate to say it but….

    Nintendo switch 2020 = DEAD (in terms of big 1st part nintendo games)

    Only animal crossing and xenoblade chronicles remake for the entire year? Let’s pray to the gods they announce something like a metroid prime trilogy switch later on in the year.

    Though probably nothing major will happen to the switch’s momentum really, people will keep buying anyways.

    1. did you even read anything besides the headline, there can be announcements wihout direct an there could still be one in august, how does that = no big games in all of 2020

      1. Because then there’s barely any time left to announce -> market -> release said games. Typically, nothing as big as a metroid or zelda game would get shadow dropped out of the blue.

      2. The report is that their may not be a June Direct because the games that where planned for 2020 may get delayed do to Japan being in a state of emergency because of the virus. Nothing is definitive at the moment.

      1. You’re using a logical fallacy of “if you criticize X you must call out ALL instances of X otherwise you’re FAKE” which is obviously not true.

        Yes I am suggesting that, after all it was you who said that shit about the corona virus being the worst thing ever apparently XD

      2. Yeah… Maybe I should just get straight to the point on this one.

        There are guidelines and actual laws in place currently that would impede production. I tried to give you some perspective that this situation isn’t limited to just Nintendo but whatever. But the point is to use your brain and realize that production will move slower and projects will be delayed due to the guidelines and/or laws that are currently in place to respond to the pandemic. Lucky/unluckily this applies to all video game companies so to suggest that Nintendo alone is doomed is pretty dumb. You might as well say “Nintendo isn’t going to be at E3 this year #Nintendoomed” when, in reality, E3 is cancelled and nobody is attending.

        Also someone has a bridge in NJ to sell you.

      3. To my knowledge they’re only shutting down places where people gather, and while this includes offices where employees work, I’m pretty sure a lot of developers can work from home these days. I at least haven’t been provided with a single source showing WHY a majority of nintendo’s employees cannot continue developing their games, or even release a screenshot of things like metroid prime 4.

      4. It’s new territory for them. Nintendo keeps games super confidential even internally so it’s been difficult to figure out the work from home bit. And Nintendo being Nintendo… It seems to take them extra time to adapt to new things.

      5. You know what, you’re right I’m being a dumbass about this. I’m taking out my frustrations online instead of thinking logically, and the fact that I happen to live in a unaffected area of the world reinforced these views.

        Instead I’m gonna just focus on my game and try to remember to not get so easily triggered online.

    2. Announcing a game doesnt mean they actually worked on it. Look at Pikmin 4, Lying Miyomoto said it was nearly complete. Nearly 5 years later ain’t seen syht.

      I bet you they havent started Bayonetta 3 either. Who knows . They could just be Blowing smoke up their ass. Nintendo makes 1 game then take a 8 years to make another one.

    1. That’s not going to happen. Sqaure is way to prideful to downgrade the visuals of FF7 remake to work on the switch. Dragon Quest is different because A. It’s handled by Enix and B. DQ isn’t about flaunting it’s visuals like modern Final Fantasy is.

    1. And yet Microsoft seems to be immune to the situation and releasing everything with no issues. Interesting. Nintendo just didnt do anything 3 years ago in R&D.

      1. Well that’s an untrue statement. We have yet to see what Microsoft (or anyone) is going to release between now and the end of the year AND if it’ll have any issues. Games scheduled to release this spring were never going to be affected by this (except for maybe physical distribution) because the games are already finished this close to release.

        So yeeeaah… if we get to winter and there’s some nice big titles on Xbox or PS and nothing on Switch THEN you got some ammo there.

      2. At least they showed games. Where is Nintendo’s games? Oh that’s right they have to wait 8 years because that’s what they do. Make a game, release it, then dont get started until 8 years later.

    1. Well, they do show Up on the Nintendo Direct webpage on Nintendo’s website. The terms are interchangeable in this situation.

  2. Unless it gets delayed, at least we will find out who the ARMS fighter for Smash Bros is in June.

  3. Do they not want to tell us anything?

    Fine, I guess I don’t have to give them my money then, and I WON’T until they give us REAL news.

    1. They don’t want to tell us something that they have to walk back, or paint themselves into a corner in delivering something earlier than is at all comfortable.

      Entire countries are pusing around the dates in which people *might* be legally allowed to work. How can they deliver an accurate timeframe on a release?

    2. You right. Lying Miyomoto nearly 5 years ago said Pikmin 4 was nearly complete. So where is it lying Miyomoto who takes 7 year breaks after working on a game.

    3. I don’t understand. Is there some way to give Nintendo money for unannounced games that I’m not aware of? I generally only give Nintendo money when they, like, give me a game in return so…

  4. I mean considering stuff like Deadly Premonition 2’s release date and the huge Animal Crossing and Mario Maker update videos all just dropped out of nowhere but could’ve easily fit into a direct, I have a feeling stuff will just be announced without fanfare around the same time regardless

  5. Must be nice to make 6 figures and dont do nothing in R&D. I told yall in January if yall want new Nintendo games and sequels yall got to fork over $400 bucks. So of course it is no Direct they make a game, then dont do work until the end of a generation console.. I bet you BOW2 will be just like Twilight Princess and BOW were BOW2 and Bayonetta 3 will be on Switch and Next Gen console.

    1. π‘΅π’Šπ’π’•π’†π’π’…π’ π‘­π’Šπ’“π’”π’• 𝑢𝒓𝒅𝒆𝒓 𝑹𝒆𝒂𝒗𝒆𝒓


        1. π‘΅π’Šπ’π’•π’†π’π’…π’ π‘­π’Šπ’“π’”π’• 𝑢𝒓𝒅𝒆𝒓 𝑹𝒆𝒂𝒗𝒆𝒓

          If Nintendo doesn’t have a direct that’s because they want to show games in another way. Just look how they announce Paper Mario.

  6. Watch my word the definitive version of BOW2 is on next generation nintendo console which will cost you at least $400. Unless you want to pay $59.99 for the weaker version of BOW2. Why is that? Because they lazy developers that make a game then dont get started again until 8 years later. See I told ja. Obviously Miyomoto lied about Pikmin 4. He hasnt started that game in September 2015. He a liar. And lack of Directs proves this.

  7. Who wanna bet Metroid Prime 4 is going to be on Switch and next generation console? It will cost us at least $400 bucks if you wanna buy the definitive version.

    Had the devlopers worked their buts off when the Switch was in R&D and the Wii U was failing they would had had games for 2020.

    If I were Nintendo, I would tell the devlopers to stop making games for the Switch and focus on whatever the hell codename for the next generation console. That way by the time the next console comes out it will have games. And after those devlopers are done IMMEDIATELY get started in the sequels. That way it keeps the momentum up. That “make a game, dont do nothing with the sequels until 8 years later” is stupid.

    1. You’re like a broken record.
      Saying the exact same, barely thought out, generalized argument over and over again.

      People like you are why I usually avoid the comments section on this site. I think I’ll go back to doing that.

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