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Video: Introducing EVO Online, Smash Bros Ultimate isn’t present

As promised the EVO team has announced their online tournament which is officially titled, EVO Online. One game which won’t be present during the online tournament is Super Smash Bros Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch. While it’s an excellent game, those who own it will tell you that it’s not the best performing fighting game when playing online and presumably this is why it was cut from the lineup.

11 thoughts on “Video: Introducing EVO Online, Smash Bros Ultimate isn’t present”

  1. Yessss. Mortal Kombat wasn’t in the original roster but they had to put it in for this. It’s one of the few games were the developers give a damn about their netcode

  2. This is so ridicuous. Nintendo is asking for money to play online and still they can’t offer a premium service but something that’s worse than most free solutions. I mean, I’m not a huge online gamer, but I’m paying for Nintendo online and basically just to see what other people are building in Mario Maker 2. Nintendo won’t really improve that.

  3. Granted nintendo needs to fix smash online netcode. It really doesnt help that majority of switch players play on wifi which is terrible for fighting games in general. Nintendo should have just put built in ethernet ports in the system…but nah that would be to smart for them.

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  5. Other games will surely have input lag. EVO this year cannot be taken seriously so Nintendo isn’t missing out tbh

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