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Venture Beat: Nintendo has no plans for a future direct at present

Venture Beat reported earlier this month that Nintendo isn’t planning its traditional Nintendo Direct presentation this June. They’ve since provided an update to this stating that the company isn’t planning a Nintendo Direct at all at present and is instead telling third party developers not to wait for one and just announce their games as usual. Nintendo is expected to repeat what it did for Paper Mario: The Origami King and drop surprises without any notices.

Earlier this month, I reported Nintendo isn’t planning a Direct for June. As an update to that, I’ll add that Nintendo isn’t planning a Direct at all for now. It’s telling development partners not to wait for a Direct even if they have a big announcement.

As for first-party games, expect Nintendo to repeat its Paper Mario: The Origami King strategy. Surprise trailer drops out of nowhere can still build a lot of excitement. The company also doesn’t have to worry about meeting expectations if you don’t know something is coming.

And what’s coming is Pikmin 3 Deluxe, 3D Mario remasters, and Super Mario 3D World Deluxe. It could have some surprises beyond that, but it may actually wait for a Direct to get into those.



  1. They better shut the fuck up now. They didn’t know jack shit about the Paper Mario trailer. They know NOTHING.

  2. I kinda like this change of pace. Each title will get it’s own time to shine and hype. People might even respond better to one title at a time because the current trend is usually to be disappointed at the end of a direct because, even though some awesome stuff was revealed, people will still be grumpy if their most wanted game isn’t shown to be real. But this way… don’t like Paper Mario? Just be happy for the people who do like it and wait a week or two until the next surprise reveal.

  3. See I don’t like this. Because Nintendo direct being a showcase video, I can see a verity of stuff coming. Now I’ll miss a lot of announcements because I won’t know what to look for

  4. As long as we’re getting a Smash bros announcement in June, it can’t be that bad. Also, Super Mario 3D World Deluxe? Guess it’s safe to say Starfox zero is the last good Wii U exclusive… and Starfox guard for die hard Slippy fan.

  5. If enough people are like me, the series of surprise announcements will end up pretty lucrative for Nintendo. If I expect a game drought for the rest of the year, I’ll lower my standards and pick up anything that seems remotely interesting.

    1. This is probably what they’re aiming for. Since we won’t know about games until 2 months before release there will be a lot less people with the attitude of “meh, this game doesn’t look too enticing. I’ll wait for this game that I’m hyped for”. I’m starting to think people complaining about no Direct have a point.

    1. Wait… NIntendo announced a new Paper Mario coming in 2 months and this article says that 3D Mario remasters, Pikmin 3, and SM3DW Dx are coming… so what exactly is “THAT” which Nintendo is not doing?

          1. A big direct that everyone’s been asking for. First no E3, then no direct in June, then no direct after June.

            Ultimately, we’re expected to not look forward to any announcements in the near future.

            Yet they have no problem coming down on hackers/modders (people who give us rare content, if not new content, or custom content)

  6. I’m iffy on surprise announcments but who cares honestly, if the game trailer is good and has a great release date it should be fine, fans will advertise the games all over social media, and people will eventually pick it up, thats literally what happen to new horizons, I mean they didn’t even advertise the game until the last month before its release date, but with their being alotta traffic through social media, and also the pandimic timing the sails were extrememly high.

  7. I dont get why they are going to just let Sony copy their Directs then pull out of what they started. To me if a rival is copying something you started wouldnt you embrace your idea and make it better?

    Netflix started video streaming trend then Hulu, Amzon, Apple, HBO copied. Why would Netflix pull out wh see they started . Nintendo sure is a strange company. They sit there and ignore as if they dont have competition.

          1. They wasn’t planning on going to E3 anyway. They announced that months before the pandemic. If it doesn’t matter how a game is announced then why they feel they got to copy Nintendo in the same formula?

  8. Who the hell is this venture best guy and why should we care about anything he says?

  9. This really shouldn’t come as a surprise. It’s pretty clear they’re playing it safe due to the virus. There’s no telling if things will have to get delayed or not. I think it’s possible we won’t see another direct until next year.

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