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(Update: NoA says it will) Nintendo won’t refund if you have purchased the wrong DLC for Pokemon Sword & Shield

Update: Nintendo of America says users are welcome to contact customer support.

Nintendo has announced that it will not be refunding those who have purchased the wrong downloadable content for Pokemon Sword & Shield on the eShop. The first part of the Pokemon Sword & Shield Expansion Pass launches tomorrow and is titled The Isle of Armor and those who wish to play will need to purchase the Expansion Pass. There are two versions of the Expansion Pass one for Pokemon Sword owners and one for Pokemon Shield owners and when you purchase it you need to make sure you have selected the Expansion Pass for the version you own, either Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield. It seems that some people have rushed through the process and have selected the wrong version of the DLC which won’t be compatible. To be fair it isn’t especially clear, especially if you are in a rush. Still, it always serves to take your time when using an online checkout.

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  1. On one hand, yeah it’d be pretty stupid of someone to buy the wrong version…

    But on the other, it’s still illegal in most places to not provide any sort of refund (even if you have an agreement at the end of the purchase that says that you’re “resigning your right to cancel the purchase”, it doesn’t matter, technically and legally), and I hope Nintendo changes that policy of theirs before they get astronomically fined for it.

    1. Actually, no it is not illegal due to being a ‘digital purchase classified as software’. Digital purchase is not handled as regular purchases in the law. So if there isn’t any physical aspect, like in this case, since is a DLC, you, as customer, has no right to get a refund.

      1. It’s considered illegal in a lot of countries like Australia, even Valve got sued there which prompted them to create a proper refund system on Steam.

    2. You know, i hope so as well. Maybe for there next gen hardware, they will finally make some changes to the purchase system. I mean yeah. Sure some people say that they care about money like some people out there do, but some companies doesn’t care much about refunds. Money is just all they wants. its like they want to take everything out of people’s pockets.

  2. Hold the phone. Once you buy the whole both expansion pass, the version that you have for the game will not be compatible for witch gen 8 version you play on?

    1. There is an expansion pass for Sword and an expansion pass for Shield. They are two different products. If you have Sword but buy the expansion pass for Shield then it won’t work, and vice versa. Basically make sure you buy the one for the game you have. If you have both games then you need to buy the expansion pass twice – once for each game – if you want it on both games.

      1. Yeah i see what you mean about that. I guess it doesn’t work when you buy one for shield. But, for some reason, it feels like the worse when you can’t get refunds on the stuff you buy from Nintendo. They better make some changes for that one day.

  3. I brought shield not knowing Klara would be missing. I’m fully aware that the sword pass won’t give me Klara for shield so I won’t buy either expansion pass unless crowned tundra provides a waifu for shield. I wish Avery did not replace Klara. I made the mistake of buying team sonic racing when omochao replaced cream the rabbit.

  4. This is so anti-consumer it almost makes me laugh. Sure, some blame could be on the part of the customer for buying the wrong product, but it’s even more Nintendo/the Pokemon Company’s fault for making the process so unclear.

    This DLC is this gen’s answer for a third game, yeah? Like how Platinum was for Diamond and Pearl or Emerald was for Ruby and Sapphire? Why didn’t they just make it all-encompassing like those third versions? Would have been much less confusing.

    Now I’m DEFINITELY NOT getting any of this DLC; I refuse to reward this lack of business etiquette.

  5. As a clueless parent of a kid who has this, I’m at a loss as to how he uses it (so is he). Purchased and added the code weeks ago but there’s no actual detail on how you use from today’s alleged go live. i.e. does the new area just ‘appear’ in the game? I’m sure it’s all fine for the hardcore, but for kids (and parents trying to help them) the info on how this is implemented in the game is non existent.

    1. I have just purchased it for my son and nothing there at all! Says I have purchased it and have a receipt, restarted the software as they said but nothing is there! Like you I have zero idea what happens now or even if I have this update/upgrade! Any help will be appreciated

  6. My boyfriend didn’t even know there were two separate DLC packages due to the fact that Pokemon typically combines the final product into one package. On top of that, the logic of having two different versions of the exact same DLC is pretty stupid. Anyway, he bought the wrong one and there is no refund, therefore Pokemon is no longer a member of this household.

      1. Honestly just have your card issue a charge back for non-upheld purchase. I did it about 8 months ago for a switch purchase and I got refunded by my card company and kept the bloody downloaded switch content too… Haven’t had my account banned… Not yet anyway lol
        My intention wasn’t to get the game for free (never ended up playing it anyway) but I just don’t think Nintendo know a way of removing a purchase at this point. Which is ridiculous because I’m sure Germany or someone else in the EU fined them for this exact practice not even a year ago.

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