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Respawn: Apex Legends “looking really good and running very well on Switch”

EA finally announced that the impressive Titanfall inspired Battle Royale title Apex Legends from Respawn Entertainment will be coming to the Nintendo Switch platform later this year and will feature cross-play during the EA Play 2020 digital conference. Yesterday, GameSpot had the chance to chat with the game’s director Michael Higham about the new Nintendo Switch version of the popular first person shooter. Here’s what he had to say:

“It’s a big challenge. We’ve been working on it for awhile. It’s not without its challenges, but I’ll say it’s looking really good and running very well. Obviously it’s a different platform, and we have to make some changes to the game to get it to run there. It’s got motion controls, so we’re supporting that, so that takes some time to support – the gyro aim functionality. It’s a lot of work, but it’s coming along nicely. We’re testing it at this point, making sure that it’s good to go. It’s worth it. We’re huge fans of Nintendo, so I’m personally really excited to just bring a game to Switch and I can take it on the go and play it when I’m with my kids or whatever.”

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5 thoughts on “Respawn: Apex Legends “looking really good and running very well on Switch””

  1. How can we be sure once PS5 and Series X hits 3rd party developers are going to be as motivated pushing the PS5 and Series X limitations as will as the Switch? That’s what I want to know.

    1. In order for developers to be pushing the systems they need to sell first. The idea that developers decide really needs to go away. Yeah if the AAA industry makers had their way it would be ground breaking tech filled with loot boxes and microtransactions but a fraction of the market decided Switch was a good system with an appealing feature for playing games and developers have to listen to the market.

      If PS5 and Series X flop (and I am sure at least one will) they cannot push one of those systems without losing money.

  2. Who said they expect PS5 games to come out on Switch? I don’t think reasonable people expect that.

    Switch’s success has convinced EA to port some PS4 games over like other developers have. Also, maybe the success shows EA that it might be worth making games specifically with Switch hardware in mind, instead of only porting already successful games as best they can. Cross play for Apex seems really rough to pull off, wish them success.

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