Nintendo Switch

Untitled Goose Game physical ‘Lovely Edition’ announced for Nintendo Switch


iam8bit has announced via Twitter today that they are releasing the well-received Untitled Goose Game physically for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Along with the ‘Lovely’ physical edition, they are also selling the soundtrack on vinyl for $29.99. The physical edition for Switch will cost $39.99 and you can buy it on their website here.

And here’s what you get:

  • Innovative Eco-Friendly Elements – 100% Recyclable Pack-Ins + Biolefin Shrink-Wrap only available at
  • Exclusive reversible coversheet
  • The Actual Plaza Catalog, a 24-page mail-order style circular
  • 11×17” Foldout Town Map hand-drawn by Marigold Bartlett
  • “No Goose” Sticker


  1. I once told someone that this game would never get a physical release, but I’m big enough to admit when I’m wrong; wouldn’t be the first time.

    So here I am to eat my words as promised. To those it may concern: don’t tell me I never gave you anything. :p Also I’m not even mad I was wrong, always happy to see people get what they want.


    1. From what I gather, I think iam8bit is publishing it and will provide enough copies to be sold at retailers, but if you want the special edition with all the bells and whistles, you can only get that from their site.


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