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Crysis Remastered runs at 720-900p docked and 540-720p handheld on Nintendo Switch

Crytek have released a thirty minute video of Crysis Remastered running on the Nintendo Switch system and it is looking rather good. The developers have confirmed that the classic first person shooter runs at between 720p-900p when the Switch is docked and between 540p-720p resolution when played in handheld mode and 30fps. It will also feature FXAA and no software-based ray tracing. Check out the Crysis Remastered gameplay below.


7 thoughts on “Crysis Remastered runs at 720-900p docked and 540-720p handheld on Nintendo Switch”

    1. It’s the fact that the system has to drastically reduce its power usage as to not die after 45min of gameplay and that affects what is components can output. Once it’s docked, there’s no power restrictions and the system can run at 100%

      1. Wow.
        So the dock helps the Switch escape restrictions? So can Nintendo just make a dock that can get the system to be as powerful as PS4? Or is that impossible?

        1. Well, it doesn’t add any power by itself to the games graphics or RAM or whatnot, just allows it to go all cylinders firing to put what is has in the Switch itself to the limit without having to worry about battery power. There’s no amount of electricity however that the dock could provide to make the systems internal components work beyond what they were designed to do, so no it wouldn’t be possible to get the Switch to PS4 level graphics.

          At least not the dock as is. It would be possible to make a dock that has external components like an additional processor and some extra RAM to allow games to be more graphically intensive when docked by having them work together with what the Switch already has. But this wouldn’t be that good of an idea for a few reasons. One is that any significant power boost would still cause some development problems as some games just cannot run on vanilla switch, so if you wanted to take your game off the dock you could end up making it crash. Another issue would be that having a PS4 level system in theory would be complicated by having it essentially halved with one part in the system and another in the dock, this would be a hurdle for developers to overcome as well, and even though making games more graphically intensive than what we have would be possible, it likely would never truly reach the performance we see on XbOne and PS4. Another thing would be cost-effectiveness, the SEGA Genesis proves that the addition of power through console add-ons to remain relevant aren’t always a good idea, it may just behoove Nintendo to just make a more powerful version of the Switch that’s more expensive (kinda like how the DS had the DSi and the 3DS had the New 3DS, etc.) a portable console that is as strong as the PS4 would be indeed be very pricey, but would also insure that solid 3rd party support is viable and likely.

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