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Japan: Pokemon Twilight Wings episode 7 coming 6th August

The Pokemon Company has announced that the next instalment of the engrossing Pokemon Twilight Wings will be uploaded to YouTube in Japanese on Thursday, 6th August. The series predominately looks into the characters and Pokemon who live in the Galar region from Pokemon Sword & Shield on Nintendo Switch. The latest episode will presumably star Leon and Sonia.


1 thought on “Japan: Pokemon Twilight Wings episode 7 coming 6th August”

  1. Hop, Allister and Avery are my least favorite characters. I want to delete them from my game so my experience can be more smooth. Klara and Bea are better and I would find Hop annoying no matter which version I play. I think Zamazenta looks cooler than Zacian. I’m glad Gordie is not on my game. I prefer Melony and I raised Toxicroak, Lunatone and Reuniclus to level 100.

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