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Ninjala for Switch has been downloaded over 4 million times

Free-to-play Nintendo Switch exclusive Ninjala from Gungho Online Entertainment has been downloaded over 4 million times. This incredible milestone was shared in a blog post by the company. To celebrate the team is giving every user 100 Jala which is the in-game currency. Ninjala is available now via the Nintendo Switch eShop.

We hope you are enjoying the world of Ninjala.

We are happy to announce that Ninjala has achieved 4 million downloads worldwide!
We wish to express our deepest gratitude to all our users for your support.

The following items have been distributed via in-game email as a commemorative gift celebrating 4 million downloads. Please be sure to claim them during the designated distribution period.


3 thoughts on “Ninjala for Switch has been downloaded over 4 million times”

  1. It’s Free-to-play. Alot of download doesn’t mean anything. It’s possible that 99% of people deleted the game after just one hour played. The game has a metacritic score of less than 7/10 which is meh.

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