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The Nintendo Switch is coming to Brazil soon

Nintendo of America has announced that the Nintendo Switch will be be available to buy in Brazil soon. The news came from NOA’s Twitter account with Nintendo urging fans to keep an eye out for updates via its Instagram and Facebook social media channels for upcoming info. Typically, getting hold of Nintendo products – specifically games and consoles – means you having to pay the high price of importing the goods and it can get very expensive. This news will be overwhelmingly positive for Brazilian fans as the Big N exited the Brazilian market a few years ago citing that high import duties for video games were to blame. Although the eShop is readily available right now, fans will soon be able to get physical games – and consoles – more easily, and hopefully at more affordable prices.



  1. Aeeeee! Finalmente ela tá voltando ela! I just hope games and consoles are made here, otherwise the prices won’t change much.

      1. I know… buuuuuutttt, the gray market is strong here. Having the official price will help
        set the “base price”, at least. It’s really stange their coming to Brazil now, though. I mean, Brazilian economy is soooo bad right now. One Real (our currency) is almos 6 USD worth…I’m aprehensively positive, cause when I was younger (like 25 years ago) Nintendo had such a great presence here, we could buy the SNES officially here for a reasonable price and later the 64.

      1. It is, shinygold2, that’s why I only believe the price is going to be reasonable when the switch is manufactured here. There’s are taxes for any electronic products not made or assembled in Brazil, I believe…

  2. nintendo allways was expensive here in Brazil, I remember when I bought back in 2001 Zelda majora`s mask for R$90 this was half of a minimum salary. Comparing today the game prices are 1/3 of the minimum salary so…

      1. Obrigadooo! Mas, assim, fiquei com uma dúvida… o que é “panóplia”? I’m sorry, that’s a word we don’t use in PTBR. :)

  3. Hi guys, an old school Brazilian gamer here,

    While everyone is happy with the news, we need more information about how Nintendo will be represented here. Historically, Nintendo uses third-party representatives to sell their products. In this case, the hardware and software are just imported. Lately, the Brazilian currency lost a lot of value when compared to the dollar and the euro, so the mere fact that we will have an official representation in Brazil doesn’t necessarily mean a high price drop.

    Brazil has a small but very strong Nintendo base, which unfortunately has to look out for importation in order to get their Nintendo products. The usual way Nintendo products arrives in the market is from Paraguay, a neighbor country that has more flexible importation laws and is economically very connected to Brazil. So this is what we could a “gray” importation. We don’t have official technical support and out eshop only has the main titles. Most people here mod their Switches, because getting games can be very hard. Again, historically Nintendo never had a real long term course of action in Brazil. Nintendo of America, for example, can make games in English, Spanish and French, but rarely in Portuguese (I say rarely but I don’t remember any major title in PT).

    Microsoft had a successful approach roughly a decade ago when there start mounting the Brazilian Xbox into Brazil’s territory. By doing so they managed to make a more affordable product. The Xbox 360 was a massive success here and it is probably still the most playable videogame around here. Sony only followed afterward. I hope this is the path Nintendo takes as well.

    Again, it is great news, but how it will be implemented is a thing to be seen.

    I’m a big fan of this is website, it is the first time I’m writing here and I will use the opportunity to say thanks for the great work! Greetings from Rio de Janeiro.

  4. I had no clue, that in Brazil the Switch wasnt there way past overdue. Oh well at least when it does go on sell expect a million sells not a few.

  5. quanto brazuca aqui


    espero que melhore os preços, nao ta dando pra comprar jogo no preço atual, mas se for pra ficar o mesmo preço de tudo……… cogitando vender tudo e largar mao

    amor bandido

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