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Pokemon GO now updated on iOS and Android

The popular smartphone game Pokemon GO has recently been updated bringing it to Version 0.185.0 on Android and Version 1.151.0 on iOS. The latest update which is available now provides bug fixes and small changes to the augmented reality title, but it also lays the groundwork for the addition of Mega Evolutions which are set to come to Pokemon GO soon. Here’s the changelog:

  • New feature: you can now swipe through Friend pages
  • New feature: the game now warns you when you are about to enter a GO Rocket Battle with no Pokémon space available
  • New feature: an option to refresh game data has been added
  • Behind the scenes: adds framework for Mega Evolutions. They will appear in Raids, and grant you Mega Candy. Those candies are used to Mega Evolve Pokémon.
  • Provides bug fixes


6 thoughts on “Pokemon GO now updated on iOS and Android”

  1. My update gave me a glitch that makes my Unown entry in the Pokédex say charizard and my Wobbuffet entry shoot me back to bulbasaur. Also, I got none of the new features. Can I get an update to have this fixed, it crashes my app a lot (I’m IOS btw)

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