Pokemon: The First Movie (1998) now free to watch at Pokemon TV

The Pokemon Company has now made the classic Pokemon: The First Movie free to watch on the Pokemon TV app. The movie was first shown back in 1998 and is directed by Kunihiko Yuyama, who its the chief director of the Pokemon television series. Here’s what to expect if you haven’t yet seen it!

“The Adventure movie turns into action with the appearance of Mewtwo, a lab Pokémon created with Mew’s DNA, one of the rarest Pokémon ever. After escaping from the lab, Mewtwo is determined to prove his superiority: he invites the best Trainers to a matchless Pokémon battle, and of course Ash and his friends are thrilled to take on the challenge.

Ash’s enthusiasm turns to anger when Mewtwo decides to clone the children’s Pokémon and restore the balance between the Pokémon and their Trainers. Despite Ash, Mewtwo refuses to believe that Pokémon and humans can be friends. But faced with a young Trainer and the loyalty of his Pokémon, Mewtwo will have to change his plan and face the power of the mysterious Mew!”



  1. This was 1998 when Banjo-kazooie came out on N64 as Banjo’s first date. Oh these were the good old days when video game devlopers did sequels right away, now they take all day.

    Even Playstation had sequels in one generation Crash 1, 2 and 3. Now after a good game, years later and that sequel ain’t no where to be.

    1. Again with your borderline obnoxious obsession with sequels… Yeah, sequels were more plentiful back then because games didn’t cost as much to make and you could get away with a smaller team. Now if you want games to meet industry standards they cost more and take more time and manpower. Get that through your head.

      And did you not get the memo about Crash 4? It’s literally coming out by the end of the year. But I guess if it’s not a sequel you actually wanted, you pay it no mind so you can still justify your “devs are lazy” hyperbole.

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