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Amazon: A listing for a Sonic Mania & Team Sonic Racing Double Pack on Switch has appeared

It looks like Sonic fans will soon be able to enjoy two Sonic games for the price of one. There is a Sonic Mania & Team Sonic Racing Double Pack listing that has appeared on Amazon’s site. The listing contains an October 26th, 2020 release for the Nintendo Switch, and even an image of boxart. If there’s an official announcement, we’ll let you know. In the meantime, you can see the boxart down below.



  1. I won’t buy sonic mania. It does not have shadow, modern Amy, cream and blaze as playable characters. Team sonic racing was disappointing because it does not have cream, Tikal, sticks, Espio, Charmy, chaos zero, jet, storm, wave, Ulala, NiGHTS, Aiai, Reala, Billy Hatcher, and Amigo as playable characters. I also hate how I can’t freely arrange my partners in single player. Locking that to online was a mistake. I never play grand prix when big or omochao are my partners.

  2. A mediocre kart racer and a game you’ve probably already played to death.
    Release a new sonic game already Sega.

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