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Nintendo 64 games names Perfect Dark, Kirby 64, & more discovered in Super Mario 3D All-Stars N64 Switch emulator

It has been discovered today that the Super Mario 64 version contained in the forthcoming Super Mario 3D All-Stars is running on a new Nintendo 64 emulator on Switch possibly developed by NERD. Discovered within the source code of the Switch compilation, which has leaked online, are various other Nintendo 64 game references including Perfect Dark and Kirby 64. It may be the case that Nintendo is planning to bring those games over for eventual Nintendo 64 Nintendo Switch Online games. However, it has also been pointed out that these references were also present in the Wii U Virtual Console.


19 thoughts on “Nintendo 64 games names Perfect Dark, Kirby 64, & more discovered in Super Mario 3D All-Stars N64 Switch emulator”

  1. Mmh I heard others point out that the collection might be a testing ground for n64 gamecube, and even wii games to be put on the switch through NSO, I think the coding for galaxy is similar to nvidia sheild version, which already has quite a range of wii games that could be played on there like mkwii and nsmbw.

    1. @ Hilbert Walkman,
      I still can’t believe that so many people were unaware that the Wii U was a new console (at that time). Did people have their heads stuck in the ground? Even some store employees acted like they never heard of it (back then). I still remember asking a Best Buy worker about the Wii U a week before it’s launch day in 2012, and he didn’t know what I was talking about. I was dumbfounded. (o _ 0)

  2. Man…kirby64 is boring as hell, IMO robobot is the best Kirby game.

    If they bring N64 games i hope they add conker’s bad fur day (it’s highly unlikely)

  3. If Nintendo does put out a N64 Online lineup, I hope that they get permission to use the games made by Rare. Especially Perfect Dark and the two Banjo games.
    Normally, I’d be more skeptical, but Nintendo and Microsoft have been playing very nicely lately.

  4. Kirby 64 means nothing. Perfect Dark, on the other hand, is a very curious development since Nintendo doesn’t technically have the rights to it yet it is present in the files. What could this mean?

    1. I agree, Kirby 64 is the 2nd worst Kirby game.

      As for Perfect Dark, well, Nintendo and Microsoft have been playing nice lately. Between getting Ori and the Dark Forest, and getting Banjo for Smash, I could see us having some of our N64 games back. Especially since Rare made half of the good games.

      1. I never said Kirby 64 was bad; it’s the first Kirby I played and is one of my favorites in the series. In the *grand scheme of this reveal* it means nothing because Nintendo has every right to do what they wish with the game, but not PD because they don’t own that one.

  5. N64 online is inevitable I think. Perfect Dark would be neat. Maybe that means they’ll get more Rare games too. Diddy Kong Racing hasn’t been available on anything since the N64… ignoring the shoddy DS remake.

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