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Next Mario Kart Tour event will be titled the 1st Anniversary Tour

Mario Kart Tour is now celebrating its first anniversary and since the smartphone game’s launch the team have worked tirelessly to bring players new content including online multiplayer races. To commemorate the event the game’s next tour will be titled the 1st Anniversary Tour and more information will be shared by Nintendo in the very near future. For now you can embark on the Los Angeles Tour!

6 thoughts on “Next Mario Kart Tour event will be titled the 1st Anniversary Tour”

  1. Eh, enough about Mario Kart Tour. They need to hurry up and let people pre-order Mario Kart Live Home Circuit on Nintendo Switch. Comes out in like 3 weeks, wondering why we can’t pre-order yet

  2. Okay great, a cash-grab mobile game turns one today, let’s all sing our Happy-Birthdays and blow out our candles, yaaaay…

    Now, when is Nintendo going to mention another, much faster and more hardcore futuristic series that turns 30 this year? Still haven’t heard a peep about it.

    I’m talking, of course, about F-Zero.

  3. I just started to play it last week, to complete the MyNintendo Missions, so that I could get the Super Mario Bros Collectors Pin Set. I officially completed all 6 Missions (1. Visit the Super Mario website.. 2. Take the Super Mario Quiz.. 3. Download the “This is My Mario” image.. 4. Play a song from the Super Mario Music Player on the website.. 5. Play the Super Mario Kart Tour in Mario Kart Tour.. 6. Buy Super Mario 3D All-Stars). I’ve completed all 6, so now I get the Super Mario Bros Collectible Pin Set..

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