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Daemon X Machina Version 1.4.0 is live along with translated patch notes

Marvelous has announced this morning that Daemon X Machina for the Nintendo Switch has received a fresh new update bringing the game to Version 1.4.0. The full patch notes are available in Japanese, however handily Reddit member Riomegon has translated what is in store for players who update the game. Version 1.4.0 mainly contains cosmetic updates and after all this time it is still good to see that the action-packed game continues to offer users new content and features.

  • “Grossfeiern” Arsenal skin gift
  • “Grandemon” Outer suit gift
  • “Eclipse RT: Omega Destruction Strategy” Order – Battle against the strengthened Colossal Immortal “Eclipse Q.” Boss Fight
  • Three Arsenal decals decorations
  • Three Preview backgrounds


1 thought on “Daemon X Machina Version 1.4.0 is live along with translated patch notes”

  1. I liked this game when I played it about this time last year. Happy to see the developers are still updating it.

    Honestly, it was not very easy to get into it because of the enormous amount of customisation of the Robot’s body parts. Every little thing mattered. I just wish Melee attacks had more variety because as is there is just one animation for the melee combo.

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