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DOOM Eternal is coming to Nintendo Switch on 8th December

We finally have a release date for DOOM Eternal on Nintendo Switch. The next instalment in the massively popular first-person shooter DOOM franchise will blast its way onto Nintendo’s hybrid console on the 8th of December. As reported not long ago, the game will – at the time of writing – only be available to buy digitally through the eShop store with Bethesda breaking the news to IGN a few days ago.

Nintendo of America has tweeted a video of the title in action which you can see below and the game looks to be performing well if the footage shown is anything to go by. DOOM Eternal has garnered a lot of praise from critics and fans, so it’s great news that Switch owners don’t have too long to wait until they can experience it for themselves.

5 thoughts on “DOOM Eternal is coming to Nintendo Switch on 8th December”

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  2. It’ll be a sale game for me because of the no physical decision. Really poor decision and anything else that’s happened this year is not an excuse because smaller companies than Bethesda have managed to do it.

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