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Yakuza creator says Nintendo hardware is basically aimed at kids and teens

In a recent video by SEGA Europe to celebrate the esteemed company’s 60th anniversary, Yakuza series creator Toshihiro Nagoshi was interviewed. He spoke about Nintendo platforms both past and present and said that he personally believes that while the Nintendo Switch appeals to a wide ranging age group, the company mainly caters to the kids and teenager market. This may be the reason why we haven’t seen the Yakuza series arrive on the Nintendo Switch.

“I think even now the Nintendo platform is still a game console that is played by a wide range of age groups, but basically, I think it’s hardware for kids and teens. Amid all that, at that time, Nintendo was also putting a lot of effort into the kids market, and I thought it would suit.”

Yakuza series creator, Toshihiro Nagoshi 


52 thoughts on “Yakuza creator says Nintendo hardware is basically aimed at kids and teens”

    1. Well he ain’t wrong on Nintendo hardware being mostly for kids and teens. But there are adults who play on the Switch, like me. Heck, even Nintendo acknowledges this but he’s not wrong on the whole Nintendo making games for kids and teens. Still, surely he knows that there are a lot of developers bringing their Mature games on the Switch, especially those who hate having to censor things for a certain platform *coughspscoughsonycough*. Well in any case, up to him whether he brings the Yakuza series to the Switch or not. Oh, and Yakuza: Like a Dragon, great game! If you got a PS4, Xbone or one of the new gen consoles or PC, get it!

      Seems like what he said has rustled some feathers, people are sensitive nowadays so whatever ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      1. Videogames in general are catered towards an audience that is made up from younger people, so this logic applies here too. I do not think Nintendo explicitly stated that their hardware is for children. Heck if you watch their promotional material and videos, it shows adults and show that it’s okay for them to enjoy games that are not along the lines of Horror and Shooter games.

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    1. I don’t think he’s ignorant. I think the Switch is MOSTLY aimed at kids. It went mobile in an effort to compete with phone games which have grown in immense popularity for kids as a gaming device. Most of the top selling games on the system are friendly to all members of the family and include the various Mario titles, Animal Crossing, Ring Fit (sold a ton over seas), and Minecraft.

      YES you can play a variety of mature rated games on the system but it’s biggest consumers are families. Kids especially. I say this as an adult fan of the Switch. Its my main gaming device atm. Love it. I just think that Nintendo is a family device with titles and mainline Nintendo games made to be accessible or enjoyable to a variety of family members and even ages. This is one of the reasons they don’t have to even compete with Sony or Microsoft because they are doing their own thing. Sony and Microsoft sell bulky powerhouse consoles that have less a family friendly device feeling to them and more a luxury device feeling. This makes them more expensive. This makes them come off as more “mature” because you need an income. Plus the best selling games on those consoles are movie-like titles, shooters, and less family friendly. Halo, Last of US, God of War, Gears of Wars, don’t come off as family friendly. Of course all families are different and some will play these games but a good chunk of most folks are gonna want to play Mario with their kids then Last of Us 2. ALSO yes these systems also sell kid friendly games such as Unravel, Sock Boy, Astro Bot, etc. However these aren’t the big mainline system sellers. It’s a means to expand the base to include whatever extra sales can be made. Much like selling to some adults wanting to play Witcher on Switch specifically.

      1. You could literally say the same about any console lol

        If your opinion of a console is dictated by their advertising direction… you probably need some critical thinking skills.

      1. Except it isn’t. The average age of a Switch owner is late 20s/early 30s. Only 31% of Switch owners are below the age of 24. The NES and SNES were marketed at children. The 64 and Wii were marketed at all ages. The GameCube and Wii U were marketed at long time Nintendo fans almost exclusively, which is partially why they weren’t as successful. The Switch, from initial concept to launch, was marketed HARD and almost exclusively at the millennial age range (24-39).

        Post launch they started advertising some more for all ages stuff, but they’ve never stopped aiming it at the millennials because Nintendo has finally become “cool” again as a system for the first time in decades.

        That and Nintendo now actually aims at an older audience than both Sony and Microsoft, both in marketing and in execution. Nintendo stopped the censorship they used to be known for and now have a number of games with sexual elements that are removed from the PlayStation versions but are uncensored on the Switch, plus a big focus on drawing in adult games like Doom and The Witcher.

        So.. I think it is fair to say that this guy is uninformed. Based on current market trends, advertising, censorship and available games, the PS5 is the system most designed for a younger audience at the moment.

        1. I don’t think you mean what target audience means. Target audience is what the name implies, it’s an audience that a company is aiming towards, but that in no way means the actual audience is going to reflect that.

        2. But I didn’t know that they shifted their marketing towards an older audience, I could’ve sworn I saw one aimed towards little kids recently while the others I assumed aimed towards teens?

    1. It bombed because it was only released in Japan and it was the first and last time they ported a Yakuza game on a Nintendo platform. They mistook the poor sales as “it would bomb everywhere else” therefore they never bothered with an international release.

      1. Wasn’t that also on the Wii U? You would have to be lucky to be a third party company and have successful sales on that system since the user-base was so tiny, and it was mainly people who only played Nintendo games that bought the console. That’s the worst console they could’ve chosen to test the waters.

  2. Just figure I will point out this is not the PS2 or 360/PS3 era anymore. Nintendo is not the only one, demographics are starting to go in different directions now. Ask the Indies that are getting sick of Sony. Consoles are now going in a direction where they can no longer have every third party release because fans of Indie or niche Japanese games clearly do not favour playing them on consoles anymore.

  3. I would like to see yakuza on switch. It didn’t sell on wiiu so that went down the drain quick. I have a couple titles on ps4 that I haven’t been able to play since I don’t game much on ps4.

  4. Whatever your stance is on this, Nintendo is doing it well, it has games for kids, teens and adults. If ps or microsoft don’t want to cash in on that market, is their loss,. Also, I’m pretty sure Nintendo isn’t holding their breath waiting for this guy to port over his game.

  5. Seems to be something missing that might give this a bit more context to what he was referring to “Amid all that, at that time, Nintendo was also putting a lot of effort into the kids market, and I thought it would suit.”
    What did he think would suit?

  6. Nintendo has always oriented towards a family audience. They themselves do not make gory or foul language games. It’s always been their way and I respect them for it. Don’t get me wrong, I love firing up my PS4 ( very occasionally) and having a blast on something like red dead or RE, but my most pure enjoyment comes from the great gameplay of Nintendo games.
    I like the way a goblin puffs away in black dust when defeated in botw instead of blood and guts ( it’s Nintendo and it’s ok ). They certainly do aim for the more family, kids etc audience, but there’s always been adult games for Nintendo’s systems. I remember RE4 being a Nintendo exclusive when it first released for example.
    I’m in my 4th decade of gaming and I don’t want Nintendo to change their ways in that way.

  7. Ah yes, because stuff like Doom, Darksiders, Persistence and any number of horror games, not to mention sillier fanservice based games are not sold on it…

    If its not mistranslated, he doesnt seem to know what exactly hes even talking about.

    1. My 5 year old nephew can play and understand Among Us completely. Kids play shit like CoD and Overwatch these days. Horror games aren’t only for adults when they start young with Five Nights at Freddie’s. Yes you don’t know shit. Nintendo devices are clearly targeting children and teens. Manchilds are part of the demographic for obvious reasons. Hence why ports and nostalgia is such a big thing for Nintendo. Adults who have money keeps throwing money at the same game for the 10th time.

  8. So um. Yeah, the switch hardware is aimed at teens, just like literally every Nintendo console ever. I’m mad or anything I just find it odd that the yakuza creator/director made such a statement. Like, was the marketing for their games and consoles not obvious in their aim towards family and young adults/children?

  9. that’s so dumb. not even. almost all my friends have one and they range from 22-63 and none of those people are kids or teens. honestly is a really social device. i know so many people who got them just so we can play one our lunch breaks at work.

    i really wish Nintendo would open up more for apps. like i feel if it had Netflix, a browser, media playback from the SD card, lol why not office apps. point is, i think if it had more utility its sales would be even bigger. like not the focus, but hey the 3DS basically had most of those features. …….hummmm

    1. He meant manchild aka you. People who get excited for My Little Pony Pokémon type of crowd.

      Why would you even want Switch as a media device? A budget phone these days has a better screen than the Switchs plastic 720p. Do you not own a phone??

    1. I mean he prob meant manchild but didn’t want to insult anyone. I mean this is the fanbase that pays $30 for pre-order Mario stickers, gets excited over Amazon boxes with Mario printed on it (also can’t read apparently cause a lot of people thought Nintendo is sticking in secret gifts), and screams nostalgia at the same games every time Nintendo milks it every year.

  10. What’s annoying about this sentiment is even official Nintendo surveys show that the largest demographic of Nintendo system owners are over the age of 30.

    But, it seems the Yakuza creator himself likes to stereotype broadly anyway, because he’s mentioned as well that 20% of the Yakuza fan base is female and yet he will keep the series “manly,” despite this…

    As if the women playing weren’t already playing the game for its aesthetic in the first place. There likely was no need for a change. Especially considering that “manly” is subjective and both women and men can appreciate and achieve varying levels of masculine and feminine presenting traits.

  11. He is just making an excuse for why they didn’t bring the series to the hardware. I mean, it’s a fair point, if he doesn’t think the console is well marketed to older players he may feel like his M rated games wouldn’t find a good following on it. Or it may just be a jab at Nintendo no longer marketing their more mature games, in essence free advertising.

    Porting would take a lot of effort and he has to be conscious of what factors are involved in making the call.

  12. Well i can’t deny Nintendo seems to target the “family audience” just looking at their first party games and commercials. Doesn’t mean adults doesn’t play it, but it doesn’t look like it’s their primary main target.

    Not sure how it’s in other countries but where i’m from you’re more likely to see a kid asking for a PS or Xbox instead of a Nintendo console. After all their Call of Duty games and non-gimped versions of sports games are there.

  13. Expletive_Underscored

    *Looks at Switch library in my living room, looks at Steam library on PC* Nope, I’m good. Pass on another gang war game. This developer’s comment is as dated as his game concept. Is it considered retro if it’s a 2006 concept?

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  16. Uuuh the Switch has plenty of games more adult than Yakuza and all consoles have plenty of “kids games”?

    Restricting yourself because of outdated stereotypes to appear cool is, ironically, pretty childish

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