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Mario Kart Tour: The Berlin Tour starts Tuesday, 12th January

Nintendo has confirmed that the next tour kicking off in popular mobile game Mario Kart Tour will be the Berlin Tour. The new tour introduces a new city course for you and the other racers to race around. The Berlin Tour begins on Tuesday, 12th January at 10pm PT / 6am UK time. Nintendo will reveal more details on the Berlin Tour soon.

6 thoughts on “Mario Kart Tour: The Berlin Tour starts Tuesday, 12th January”

  1. Lol luigi is finally getting another alt he has like two in game, by the looks of it seems like its his causal outfit he wore in the kyra pamyu pamyu commerical we already seen mario’s casual fit in odyssey so this kinda quite fitting

    1. I don’t think it’s his outfit from the commercial. It looks more like he’s wearing a lederhosen and a alpinist hat.

  2. sickofbeingmanipulated

    nintendo cheats its players with manipulative practices. its clear in the non-multiplayer mode your playing with bots. so i go from #1 to 8 to 6 to 5 to 6 again. if it was fair gameplay it would be fun. but im growing tired of these unfair tactics

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