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Platinum Games confirms Astral Chain is a Nintendo IP

Video Games Chronicle recently chatted with Platinum Games in a wide ranging interview with the company. One of those interviewed was the vice president and producer at Platinum Games, Atsushi Inaba. He was asked about the status of the stylish Astral Chain action IP and confirmed it is Nintendo’s own IP going forward. Here’s what Mr. Inaba said:

On the subject of Astral Chain, forum sleuths noticed that your website recently removed reference to Platinum from the game’s copyright, leaving just Nintendo. Should we read anything into that?

Inaba: It’s as it looks.

To clarify, a similar copyright change for The Wonderful 101 led to Nintendo handing over the IP to Platinum. Does this mean Nintendo now owns Astral Chain?

Inaba: It’s as it is written on the website: Astral Chain is their IP and as such there are limitations on how much we feel we should talk about.

[Editor’s note: When asked for clarification on Inaba’s comments regarding the Astral Chain IP ownership, a PlatinumGames spokesperson said the company was “not in a position to answer this question”.]


23 thoughts on “Platinum Games confirms Astral Chain is a Nintendo IP”

    1. Personally, I did enjoy it quite a bit, but also think it had its frustrations. I never quite got the hang of combat. Note that this is coming from someone who wasn’t ever able to really get into Bayonetta’s combat either, though. I assume people who are generally into games like Bayonetta won’t have any problems mastering this game’s combat.

      Aside from that, and unlike Bayonetta, the game features exploration, side quests and even some platforming. I think that might have actually been one of the main reasons I enjoyed it. Granted, it makes for a worse main story pacing than Bayonetta, but since the game wasn’t just about combat and gives you a bunch of breaks inbetween the action, it allowed me, who is very bad at the combat, to still catch my breath every now and then and not just get pummeled constantly.

      As I said, I did enjoy the game a good bit, but I also don’t feel very inclinced to ever replay it. I feel like the short-paced Bayonetta games definitely have more replay value (if you enjoy their combat, that is).

  1. I never even play the game before but I have heard of it a long time ago. I never got the game but my friend has the game and he play it. I watch him play half of the game and he completed the game story witch is really cool.

  2. maybe nintendo didn’t want the same situation as the train wreck the whole wonderful 101 remastered was, despite a successful kickstarter campaign everything else about it has been a mess…but i’d let Liam Robertson to talk about Platinumgames, he’s the expert!

      1. People complained about Platinumgames lack of comunication during the game’s release date, lots of kickstarted copies got lost and as far as i remember they haven’t say a word about the dlc (long time I lost track about the kickstarter), you can google the complaints or read on KS…also the game failed to sell better and this time around the game has been available on 3 platforms!

        I supported the game because I am big fan of Liam and he enjoys the game so much, damn, i’d do anything fir him, haha.

      2. Not a single thing you said would remotely constitute a trainwreck. The lost copes were blown way out of proportion and mostly resolved before the issue even hit the news cycle(the distributor was at fault ), and since it was a Kickstarter campaign the game’s overall success barely mattered past its goal being reached. Was it a stellar 10/10 perfect launch? No. Was it a trainwreck? absolutely not.

    1. I don’t think Nintendo was really bothered by any mistakes platinum made with wonderful 101 remastered since they had nothing to do with it once they handed the IP back to them. The biggest problem with that Kickstarter is that the game was overhyped and was always going to be a let down for most people. I got the game at launch on Wii U and it was fine but has lots of issues with controls.

  3. Yes Astral Chain was a dope unique combat game. A good amount of upgrade options. Cool style, and one of a kind combat that does take getting used to but is pretty rewarding. Check the review on this website though, that will fill you in.

    “It’s as it looks”, “I’m not in a position to answer”, like actually you are in the exact position to answer. Companies, sports teams, celebrities, their PR people usually don’t do them any favors. The truth shall set you free, but most of the time they treat the public like dumb dumbs. They’d be surprised at how much good a straight answer will do for them. You can give a good answer or explanation without giving away the secret recipe or whatever you think your protecting.

  4. I think it’s one of the best and most unique games on the Switch but I feel like it could just be a one and done type game. It sold well for a platinum games title but probably not enough for Nintendo to do more, maybe they’ll do one more though.

  5. I’m not expecting Astral Chain 2 even though I loved this game. I wanted a Sequel to a lot of games
    Banjo Threeie, Pikmin 4, Starfox, Astral Chain 2 Toad’S Treasure Tracker 2, W102
    Tropical Freeze Sequel

    Developers dont do shit after a game they worked on is complete.

    I dont even believe when Metroid Prime 4.or Pikmin 4 was confirmed by Nintendo they haven’t started those games just blowing smoke up the fans’ butt.

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