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Activision says that new remastered content will be revealed this year

It’s that time of the year when companies hold financial reports and conference calls. It’s only February, so it also means that these events can offer fans an early preview at what companies may be having in store for the coming year. One of the companies that has done something like that is Activision.

Activision recently held a conference call of their own. The talked about “strong momentum” going into the year, thanks to their various IPs, but they also gave a little sneak peek at content they’re planning this year. Activision is saying that new remastered content will be unveiled this year. Although the Nintendo Switch wasn’t specifically mentioned, it’s very possible that this content could end up on Nintendo’s console too. A tweet relaying the news is down below.

7 thoughts on “Activision says that new remastered content will be revealed this year”

  1. This does not bode well. I really hope 2021 is different from 2020 and introduces more new games rather than the plethora of ports and remasters we got in 2020.

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