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Trials of Mana shipments plus digital sales top one million

Video game software powerhouse Square Enix has confirmed that the engrossing Trials of Mana digital sales and shipments have now topped one million units. Trials of Mana is a modern revival of the third game in the seminal Mana series and the milestone has been achieved by the company ten months after release. Trials of Mana is available right now on the Nintendo Switch system and a demo is also available.


8 thoughts on “Trials of Mana shipments plus digital sales top one million”

    1. Is that 1 million across platforms? Or just on switch? Since it was on PS4 and Switch (I think Windows too) I feel like 1 million is not a huge number if that’s all the platforms. I know its an RPG and they don’t sell as well as other genres, but these are huge install bases.

      1. Despite the big install bases there are actually very few games that actually sell a million or more copies, so this is very good for a remake of an older RPG. This game would’ve had a tiny budget compared to some of square enix’s other games like final fantasy or kingdom hearts so you have to keep that in mind too. Not every game has to sell 10 million + copies to be considered successful.

  1. 1 million across all platforms is pretty good for a niche game and it’s not like they were expecting CoD sales. 1 million is usually the goal for JRPGs but some settle for half a million.

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