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Hot Wheels Unleashed coming to Nintendo Switch on 30th September

There’s a new arcade racer on the block and it is Hot Wheels Unleashed and it’s Switch bound on 30th September. The fast-paced racer has a single player mode along with both online and offline multiplayer races. Hot Wheels Unleashed also features a track editor allowing you to customise any of the in-game environments. Be sure to check out the new trailer for Hot Wheels Unleashed below!

“Hot Wheels is all about encouraging the challenger spirit and Hot Wheels Unleashed brings that mission to life for gamers of all ages. Milestone’s expertise in racing game development has enabled us to transform the Hot Wheels brand into a compelling console and PC gaming experience for both current Hot Wheels fans and gamers who may be rediscovering the iconic brand.”

Andrew Chan from Matte

“We’re all so committed in delivering the purest and most authentic Hot Wheels gameplay experience ever in a videogame. We owe it to the Hot Wheels community and to our inner children.”

Milestone’s own Michele Caletti

6 thoughts on “Hot Wheels Unleashed coming to Nintendo Switch on 30th September”

  1. when they do trailers like this with no gameplay I’m less likely to buy the game than if they’d just waited till they had gameplay

  2. If I had a bigger bedroom I would have a mini RC car track, some hot wheels cars on it and a toy rail freight transport. I use to step on a lot of legos when I was building toy cities.

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