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Bandai Namco could be holding their own Direct-style presentations

Many video games companies are now using online presentations to showcase upcoming games for various formats and it now seems as though publisher and developer Bandai Namco is joining the fray. The long-running video game company has recently filed a new trademark for something called Bandai Namco Next, which sounds like the ideal name for presentations showing off their latest projects and games in development. The trademark might not be used by Bandai Namco for this purpose, but it seems likely it will.


  1. They have that new next gen tales of Rise game that they showed off during that XBOX keynote, Tekken 8, and also Digimon Survival for big names that have been announced with little information.

    Maybe DLC for Dragon Ball FighterZ, or even Kakarot.

    Maybe soul Calibur 7, or even Demon Souls 4.

    One thing’s for sure. Bandi Namco has a TON of IP’s.

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