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Xenoblade series composer starting a new large-scale recording next month

Yasunori Mitsuda, who is one of the talented composers behind the critically acclaimed Xenoblade Chronicles franchise, has revealed in a blog entry that he has just started preparing for a new large-scale recording session which is happening in Japan next month. Fingers are crossed that this news is related to a new Monolith Soft game for the Switch.

“We have a large scale recording session coming up in April, and the music sheets are scattered all over the studio. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a 3-piece band, so the number of instruments is quite large.”


17 thoughts on “Xenoblade series composer starting a new large-scale recording next month”

        1. I mean, Xenoblade 2 came to Switch before Definitive Edition did. I’d like an X port, but a sequel could definitely release before a port does

    1. With Xenoblade Chronicles 2 was the same, recording on march 2017, release december, here is only other month.

  1. This was actually one of the composers behind Chrono Trigger, and with Square Enix’ recent announcement of new remakes being on the way, there’s of course the slight hope that a Chrono Trigger remake could be coming.

    I really doubt it is happening, but there’s always that slim hope.

  2. Mitsuda is not the “series composer” for Xenoblade. He assisted with one or two tracks for the original game and was not involved with XCX at all. The composer for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 though? Sure.

  3. Alot of people jumping to baseless conclusions, especially when this guy’s worked on way more that just xenoblade games.

  4. Would be sweet if it was BotW 2. I’m reading up on him… he helped with Chrono Trigger, Mario Party way back when, Kid Icarus: Uprising and of course the Xenoblade series.

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