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Game Informer shows off 5 minutes of New Pokemon Snap

new pokemon snap

Previews have started rolling in from various sites for the upcoming sequel to the classic N64 title Pokemon Snap, which is New Pokemon Snap for the Nintendo Switch. Game Informer has published five minutes of footage with Pokemon super fans Brian Shea and Alex Stadnik. If you can’t watch the video then thankfully Reddit member Riomegon has written a rather handy roundup of content showcased. You can watch Game Informer’s five minute video showcasing the attractive game below and New Pokemon Snap is due out on Switch on 30th April.

  • Time of day lets you check out a map at different hours to see different Pokémon hanging out in each map.
  • Route variants let you take a different route to see another side of the map you haven’t explored yet.
  • Gyro controls are included!
  • Scan Pulse lets you see what Pokémon are nearby and see if you spot hidden ones.
  • You can interact with the environment in more ways than just tossing apples or tossing orbs to get a Pokémon’s attention.
  • Pokémon will often react in different ways than you would have expected based on how you deal with them.
  • More Pokémon appear the more you play, letting you expand on your photobook
  • Voice acting is also included.
  • You’ll have the option to replace shots in your photobook as you take new ones.
  • Uploading your pictures to the in game social media is an option but you can also share them outside of the game.


4 thoughts on “Game Informer shows off 5 minutes of New Pokemon Snap”

  1. not Christopher Sabat

    I wish the gen 4 starters were transferable to crown tundra. I’m disappointed that Hop, Hau, Tierno, Allister, Gordie, Trace and Avery will make more appearances in the Pokémon series. They are not waifus.

    1. Avery is my least favorite character too. I not fond of Hop either so I have save data on Y for some Shauna goodness.

  2. @megamansurvives

    That’s an individual who always comes here to complain that he should have gotten sword instead of shield because he wanted Klara instead of Avery. He brought shield before isle of armor was announced. He uses multiple screen names. He is obsessed with waifus in general.

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