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Nintendo confirms Super Mario 3D All-Stars eShop cards will work after 31st March

Sadly Super Mario 3D All-Stars for Switch and other products celebrating Mario’s 35th anniversary will be removed from the eShop on 31st March. Many have been disappointed by this move, but Nintendo has confirmed today to VGC that Super Mario 3D All-Stars download cards purchased from retailers will be redeemable “after April”. However, it is not clear whether the cards will continue to be printed and produced so it could be a case of when they are gone, they are gone.



  1. Are we sure that Nintendo isn’t just some sort of PR stunt where they say “APRIL FOOLS!” the day after March 31st and reveal none of these games will be removed from the eshop?

    1. I feel like that would make people more upset to see that they lied to get as more sales as quick as possible

  2. It really is a pain when this is a limit release and some people who didn’t got the game and a fan of the series didn’t even experience the previous Mario titles. Still a limit release is a real shame.

  3. I still think the whole thing is retarded. I can understand not manufacturing physical copies after the sales pipe down but there is no reason to remove it from the eShop.

  4. I beliece that each game will be sold separately on eshop starting april and thats it.

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