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Fortnite on Nintendo Switch gets GPU performance and resolution boost patch

Epic Games has announced that the Nintendo Switch version of Fortnite will receive a free patch from today that will improve the performance of the title. Not only will the update allow for higher resolutions in both handheld and docked mode, but the patch will also free up 140MB of storage space on your Switch’s internal memory or one of your poor MicroSD cards that are probably full to the brim at this point. The Fortnite developer mentions that the popular battle royale game will also have an improved frame rate meaning players can enjoy smoother gameplay.

Here’s a table detailing the resolution before and after the patch:

Expected Resolutions Before After
Handheld    1000×560    1170×660
Docked    1390×780    1560×880 

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6 thoughts on “Fortnite on Nintendo Switch gets GPU performance and resolution boost patch”

  1. What a fucking joke! When the game launched on the Switch it was 900p docked. I haven’t played it for over a year so I didn’t know they fucked it up so bad that they call a resolution “upgrade” to 880p an improvement!

    1. It doesn’t help they actually made the environment more flat and simplistic to make the game run better on mobile.

    2. The game ran at like 25 fps with constant drops in resolution and frame rate when it first launched lol

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