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Pokemon GO developer shows off concept Augmented Reality glasses

Pokemon GO developer Niantic have teased some concept augmented reality glasses which the firm is testing for use with the hit iOS and mobile game. John Hanke, who is the head of Pokemon GO developer Niantic, previously uploaded a video this month of Pokemon GO using Microsoft’s HoloLens and you can see how the concept would work in the video showcasing Pokemon GO in AR below!

3 thoughts on “Pokemon GO developer shows off concept Augmented Reality glasses”

  1. Pretty cool. Just make us look like less jacka**es while walking around with those huge goggles and I’ll be game lol

    It’s the beginning stages though I’m sure they’ll get them down to the size of regular shades someday soon.

    1. It’s kinda why Holo Lens is still corporate only. Microsoft hasn’t got close to make it small/sleek and most importantly, affordable.

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