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Here’s a first look at the Tom Nook and Isabelle Build-A-Bear plushies

If you’ve had your eyes on social media today, or you’ve signed up to Build-A-Bear’s free email and text update service, then you may have seen that the first pictures of the highly-anticipated Animal Crossing: New Horizons Build-A-Bear collection have surfaced. Well, it turns out the collection (at the time of writing) only consists of Tom Nook and Isabelle and you can take a closer look in the unboxing/stuffing video below with The Merrell Twins.

Fans have spent some of the day in a virtual waiting room hoping for a chance to buy one of the plushies, but many have taken to Twitter to voice their disappointment in the slightly lacklustre line-up. Hopefully we’ll get more choices such as Celeste down the line, but for now, it’s Isabelle or Tom Nook.


3 thoughts on “Here’s a first look at the Tom Nook and Isabelle Build-A-Bear plushies”

  1. So disappointed in the Sanrio release and this one!! I have been a long-time fan since the GameCube release. I’m really frustrated that the cards went out of stock so fast and, as if they’re trying to add fuel to the fire, the Build a Bear releases only have Tom Nook and Isabelle (I’m sure that’s great for people who enjoy them, but I’m really not a fan of either). I was really looking forward to villagers being a possible option, popular or not – at least you would have a choice in the matter.

    I have made so many memories with my wife playing Animal Crossing, like when we tried to send a barbeque to the museum, or when we saw Katrina for the first time, or washed the snobby giraffe’s car. I had asked her which villager she would prefer if I could get into the site (yes, I did wait all night to try to surprise her) and she told me Reneigh, which is perfect because I would have loved to have gotten Julian. They’re a good match for our personalities, and personalities are what make them such fun and exciting games. I feel like we, as fans, have been robbed of the ability to have our favorite villagers join us and to show our personality types through something that should have been just as thrilling and captivating as our favorite Animal Crossing games, but fell so short of that fulfilling experience. I know it might be ridiculous to some to complain or be disappointed in something as minor as this is, but sometimes we underestimate how important the small things can be to others.

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