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Hades wins Game of the Year at D.I.C.E Awards 2021

Hades has won another accolade and this time it is Game of the Year 2021 at the annual DICE Awards which have taken place this evening. The game’s developer, Super Giant Games, have responded and said that it’s an “unbelievable and humbling honour” to have been awarded Game of the Year with their indie smash hit Hades. Hades is out now on Nintendo Switch eShop and also physically via your local retailer. Congratulations to Super Giant Games!

6 thoughts on “Hades wins Game of the Year at D.I.C.E Awards 2021”

  1. Played this for the first time recently. Its not personally my cup of tea but I can definitely see why its so popular

  2. Very overrated. I mean it’s very well crafted and has great gameplay, but it gets stale pretty quickly. It’s a very shallow game. It’s the type of game that after playing it for 2 hours you’re amazed by how great it is, but after 10 hours you realize that what you saw in the first 2 hours is literally everything the game has to offer. Also I wonder what lifeless people are going to grind through all the collectables. So not worth your time.

    1. That’s not really true at all unless you haven’t had a successful run. The story alone and subplots are pretty long. It’s going to take quite a few runs just to try all the powerups. Then there’s 5 weapons to unlock (6 total) and each weapon has 4 variations, one of which (per weapon) you have to unlock and gives a different moveset to the default moveset. Then there’s the pact of punishment which offers like a dozen different ways to alter your run for extra challenge… Which you can mix, match, change intensity in any way you want. Also let’s you alter all the boss battles. There’s also that hidden boss I didn’t notice for a long time. Hmm…. There’s also a buttload of cosmetics/furniture items you can buy for the House of Hades. You can also romance three different characters (simultaneously) if that’s your thing.

      Anyways, I wouldn’t fault anyone for not liking the game. I just wanted to correct you on the amount of content on offer. It felt like a surprising amount for a rouge-liie.

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