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Rumour: Genshin Impact delay on Switch is apparently due to hardware limitations

Nintendo Switch owners are still waiting to find out when the entertaining free-to-play action JRPG Genshin Impact will arrive on the system. It’s available right now on PlayStation consoles, iOS, Android and PC, though the Switch version is missing in action. Genshin Leaker Genshin Report, states on Twitter that the development team are having issues due to the hardware imitations of the Switch platform, as even on smartphones you need a decent phone to get it running as the developer’s intended. Genshin Report says that the game is currently scheduled to arrive on the Switch later this year.

3. When will Genshin Switch version release?

A: Likely sometime this year. There have been issues with the weaker hardware.



20 thoughts on “Rumour: Genshin Impact delay on Switch is apparently due to hardware limitations”

    1. No. The version for the switch is undoubtedly closer to the PC or PS builds and not the mobile builds. They aren’t the same thing.

    2. The switch is basically a glorified tablet, and it’s using basically 5 year old specs now compared to the m1 and SD

  1. When will Genshin Switch version release?

    A: Likely sometime this year. There have been issues with the weaker hardware.

    HAHAHAHA Sure it is! A cellphone is more powerful than the Switch…back to this old excuse again you lazy devs? Wii U is weak…but got Arkham City running on it….can’t run Crysis on Wii U because it is weak…yet devs got more powerful games running on it.

    Sounds like Sony and Microsoft is paying someone off again.

    1. Boones paying off anyone the switch is dated and weak. Nintendo ip games run great everything else runs like 30fps sub 720p crap. it’s a 4core chip with only 3 used to run games. it was discontinued by nividia in 2014 so the tech was already 2 years old when Nintendo repurposed it. YES YOUR PHONE IS BETTER.

      the switch is terrible was all old hardware sold to plebs.
      it’s just android why do you think so many switch games are on android too. why do you think it was so easy to make yuzu so fast.

      so yea your 8 core snapdragon 855 with a adreno650 is better than the switch.

      Nintendo even made the Bluetooth in the controllers intentionally not work with phones so people WOULDEN’T realize this.

      all you pay for with the switch is the license to play Mario.

      next gen switch seems just the same old hardware that’s too expensive. and not next gen or even current gen or even last fuckin gen.

    2. Can a smartphone or tablet run Doom 2016 or Eternal? Better yet, can they run those games better on smartphones and tablets?

    3. Anyone who believes that Sony or Microsoft is paying off companies to sabotage ports is stupid beyond belief.

  2. I have heard of this game before but never played it. The environment and some characters look pretty decent and cool to me. Everything has it’s limits so, I hope they solve this solution on getting this game on the Switch version.

  3. Given what other companies have done with the switch. I’m firstly gonna call BS on this and tell their devs to git good, also implying that they are scrubs.

  4. Couldn’t the Switch run an upgraded version of the Mobile version? It might not be the ideal solution, but it would hardly be the first mobile game on the Switch.

  5. Amauri E. Alcantara

    Wouldn’t the issue be more software related than a hardware one? As it is known that the Switch has issues with Unity titles and I’m sure that its Tegra processor is way more powerful to whatever my note9 has.

  6. I wonder if the Switch version of Genshin Impact will be crossplay too ? I swap on and off from my iphone to the pc . Sadly I can’t link my account to the ps4 , otherwise I would be playing on there as well.

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