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Team Cherry, the developer’s behind Hollow Knight and Silksong, say no announcements at E3 this year

artwork for Hollow Knight: Silksong

Team Cherry, the accomplished developer’s behind the excellent indie titles Hollow Knight and Hollow Knight: Silksong, have confirmed on Reddit that they won’t be sharing any announcements at E3 2021 next month. The team is currently busy developing the long-awaited Hollow Knight sequel Hollow Knight: Silksong which still doesn’t have a release date for the Nintendo Switch platform. It’s safe to assume that when they are ready Team Cherry will share more, just don’t expect any information at the digital gaming event next month.

9 thoughts on “Team Cherry, the developer’s behind Hollow Knight and Silksong, say no announcements at E3 this year”

  1. That’s good imo. We know it exists. Team Cherry probably doesn’t need fan feedback from a demo. No need to waste development time on making more trailers, appearances, and demos.

    But I’m also just a dumb gamer so I could be wrong here.

  2. Good on them for getting out in front of it. Dissapointing but good PR move. If it is too far ahead of BoW2 release date, I hope they at least give a trailer or even a ‘save the date’ for the full BotW2 preview later this year. Unless it will somehow be ready to ship in fall, in that case let’s go.

  3. How long has Silksong been announced with no news? A few years now? This is like the indie equivalent to BotW2: we know of it, but nothing about it and they won’t show or tell.

    Also (and I hate to be a grammar n*zi about it), but there are two instances of an unnecessary apostrophe in “developers”, one in the title and one in the article itself. I bet it was an autocorrect thing since it happened twice but I wanted to point those out.

    1. It’s a little different. It was only announced so early because Hornet was originally meant to be a playable DLC character as one of the Kickstarter stretch goals. At some point this turned into a whole new game (which they are giving to backers of the first game for free) so they had to let them know their plans. There was a large info drop in January when it was the cover feature in EDGE magazine, but they have gone radio silent since.

      1. I feel like its going to come out in 3021, not even a trailer, ect, since the EDGE magazine which was like 1-3 yrs ago :(

  4. They’ve made 1 1/2 games how exactly are they accomplished? I’m not saying they didn’t make a great game and that’s not an accomplishment but accomplished implies multiple things

    1. Toby Fox has only made 1 1/2 games as well, but no one would say that he’s not accomplished

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