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Nintendo Switch Online app updated to version 1.11.0 (patch notes)

The Nintendo Switch Online app for both iOS and Android devices has been updated and the latest version now sits at 1.11.0. The app allows users to check in-game services such as Splatnet in Splatoon 2 and invite friends to play games via social media, but it is met with criticism due to its limited capabilities and lack of support. Still, there have been a few additions to the app in this update, and you can check out the patch notes below:

– Game-specific services now available to all Nintendo Accounts (some restrictions for features like voice chat still apply).
– Option for voice-chat alerts added under Voice-Chat Settings in the in-app settings.
– Bug fixes implemented.


15 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch Online app updated to version 1.11.0 (patch notes)”

  1. Jesus, it’s like Thanos snapped his fingers again. Uh anyways, is the app even worth downloading?

      1. No Thanos didn’t snap his fingers, or no it’s not worth it? Cause I only have the Nintendo Network whatever just so I can play smash bros….even then I don’t play it that much because it’s to laggy and the joy cons suck.

  2. Hopefully when the new updated switch arrives it’ll have chat inputed into the console like the current one should of had.
    It’s not even new tech, yet it’s missing for some reason.

  3. The Xbox app allows you to immediately download any screenshot you take on the Series X to your phone. This actually makes it easier to print a Xbox screenshot with the Instax Phone Printer than the Switch, even if you used the official Nintendo Instax App. That’s how pitiful the Switch Online App is. Not to mention it’s built around stuff that’s built into the system for other consoles.

  4. For splatoon 2 players its quite useful, tell you what the upcoming maps are etc
    I look at it often during the day to see what maps i would like to play and ones i would rather avoid and because i can look into quite late in the day unlike in the game where its only one or two rotations ahead.

  5. Maybe one day Nintendo will get online fully right with no stupid shit that is exclusive to a damn phone. I’d say “least people have Discord” but how long before that becomes exclusive to Sony products since they’ll own it eventually.

    1. Didn’t Discord actually reach out to Nintendo about helping them with voice chat? Like “Hey, listen- Nintendo, you could really use some help here because what you’re trying is not going to go over well” and Nintendo rejected them?

      They really shouldn’t have.

  6. The app is ugh. Voice chat on the switch should be the next thing they implement. And they should throw in custom themes and backgrounds for good measure. I dislike speaking through the app and the switch has become my least played console because the system software (not the system or games) feels obsolete. Going through the menus while selecting a game should be aesthetically pleasing and enjoyable. Kind of like the rides at Disneyland or something. The journey adds to the destination. Switch fails at that.

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