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A Plague Tale: Requiem coming to Nintendo Switch via Cloud Streaming in 2022

The next game in the visually impressive A Plague Tale series is coming to the Nintendo Switch via Focus Home Entertainment, however it will only be playable on the platform via cloud streaming like a few other games on the Switch which include Control and Hitman 3. A Plague Tale: Requiem was revealed yesterday during the Xbox E3 2021 conference and looks set to offer another engrossing tale to get yourself involved in. Watch the reveal trailer for A Plague Tale: Requiem down below.

3 thoughts on “A Plague Tale: Requiem coming to Nintendo Switch via Cloud Streaming in 2022”

  1. And I will never pay the same price for a license to stream a game as to pay to own a physical copy of a new AAA release.

    1. Exactly. This would be interesting if it were at least somewhat cost-effective. Streaming games should not be regularly priced games.

      Moreover, digital games really should be in the $40/50 range and streaming? I honestly wouldn’t pay much more than $30/40 as you can’t play offline and eventually the servers will go down. It’s anti-consumer, toxic and inflammatory, in my opinion.

      Nintendo has only gotten away with this model because so many folks take the bait. As a consumer, I think patience and stubbornness are constructive and valid traits that have real impact. Sit on these games, digital and streaming, unless they are drastically marked down. Nintendo and other software developers will get the point.i mean they tried charging $60 for 1-2 Switch? Disgraceful.

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