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The Nintendo Switch firmware has been updated to version 12.1.0

The firmware update that was released for the Nintendo Switch last month didn’t exactly go well. In fact, issues resulted in the update being briefly taken down before it was re-released, but users were still reporting issues. Nevertheless, Nintendo is not letting that stop them from the monthly trend of firmware updates that they have been doing lately.

Nintendo has released a new Nintendo Switch firmware update. Once you download the update, the console should be at version 12.1.0. This is yet another update that doesn’t change much, but there is more than just the usual “system stability improvements” this time. The full patch notes are down below.

Added the following system functionality:

  • If there is not enough space remaining on the system memory (internal storage) or microSD card when downloading game software update data, you can now delete old data for that software, enabling you to download the new data.
    • When deleting the old data, you won’t be able to play the game until the new data has finished downloading.
  • General system stability improvements have been made to enhance the user’s experience.


6 thoughts on “The Nintendo Switch firmware has been updated to version 12.1.0”

  1. Anything to get rid off hombrew off people’s system, but nevermind being able to download and ENJOY the game people legally buy.

  2. Random off-topic comment but… I was looking at the authors username was was suddenly wondering if the author has already become 30… 😂

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