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The Switch OLED dock will be available to buy separately from Nintendo

Yesterday, Nintendo announced that the Nintendo Switch (OLED model) will be joining the Switch family of systems on October 8th. Featuring a 7-inch OLED screen and a vastly improved kickstand, another major selling point of the revision is the newly designed dock. Including a much requested built-in LAN port and a sleeker design, owners of the original Switch might want to get their hands on one without spending the full $349.99 to upgrade.

Luckily, Nintendo has confirmed that the new dock will also be sold separately via their official web store, and will be available in either white or black color variations. Unlike the original Switch dock, this one will unfortunately not include an HDMI cable, AC adapter, or original packaging, and will not be sold at third-party retailers. Pricing has not yet been revealed.


18 thoughts on “The Switch OLED dock will be available to buy separately from Nintendo”

  1. People are going to complain about the lack of cords included, but realistically, 99.9% of people who want to buy only the dock? probably already have an AC adapter and hdmi cord.

    1. Lol 100%, not 99% of the people who only buy the dock will already have the cables. And if they just need to replace the cables there’s no need to buy a full dock.

      1. I’m pretty sure the 99% takes into consideration the people who have lost their pair of wires due to circumstances. I know that I’ve lost wires for consoles in the past, and not everyone who owns a Switch is as careful with their belongings and electronics as they should be

      1. Yes it’s been like a slow process since the beginning of this year, I keep it in the dock all the times, and occasionally take it out when I’m going out of town, or moving it to another room the top part where the air usually comes out through already broke off last year, I’ll be calling Nintendo about it to get it fix soon anyway

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