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Pokemon Presents featuring Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes along with Pokemon Legends Arceus next week

The Pokemon Company is preparing a brand new Pokemon Presents presentation which will debut next Wednesday. The presentation will take a look at the forthcoming Nintendo Switch games, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl and also Pokemon Legends Arceus which is due for release in January 2022. The presentation starts at 6am PT / 2pm UK time on Wednesday, 18th August and is expected to be around 30 minutes long.

11 thoughts on “Pokemon Presents featuring Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes along with Pokemon Legends Arceus next week”

    1. I didn’t know Avery was your boyfriend. Anyway if Camerupt can’t be used on the pearl remake then I won’t buy it.

        1. Avery is not my type but dating Milo, Kabu, Bede, Piers, Raihan, Rose, Leon, Victor, Shielbert, or Peony could be interesting if they want me.

  1. I don’t expect much for the remakes but they need to deliver for the Arceus game. My expectations for pokemon have gone down the drain though, that first reveal looked pretty rough…. Interesting… but rough lol

  2. I’ve found myself losing interest in Pokemon for the past year now. I was so ecstatic for a new Pokemon Snap but now I’m meh about it. Not sure I’ll be buying it. Pokemon Legends Arceus better blow it out of the park or I’m not bothering.

  3. I hope diamond and pearl look better. Those were my first pokemon games and I was kinda bummed that the remakes look like 1:1 with in my opinion an inferior art style to the original.
    I hope they’ve added… more new stuff. and not just the stuff from Platinum. I was so ready to be excited about this and just… am not.

    1. Hoodlumcallum made a video about this, but the remakes where already looking better in the small snippet we got in the Switch OLED reveal. Basically the video was just saying “Footage Not Final” actually means “Footage Not Final” and showed how this was the case for previous Pokemon games as well. Of course He’s not saying we should just blindly believe these will be the best games ever. Another good example would be Luigi Mansion 3, so many people where bashing it for not looking polished after the 1st trailer, by it’s release those exact same people where calling it one of the best looking Switch games.

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