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No More Heroes 3 for Switch is around 15-20 hours long and SUDA51 will focus on new IPs in future

The acclaimed and zany developer SUDA51 has talked a little more about what players will encounter when the long-awaited third game in the popular No More Heroes series launches on the Nintendo Switch later this month. SUDA51 says that it will take players around 15-20 hours to finish No More Heroes 3. He also said that now work has finished on the lengthy project, he will now focussed on new IPs. However, SUDA51 didn’t rule out another No More Heroes game featuring the iconic Travis Touchdown, but says that a fourth game in the No More Heroes series won’t be released for another decade or so, but as he said, right now he’s focussing on developing brand new projects.

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9 thoughts on “No More Heroes 3 for Switch is around 15-20 hours long and SUDA51 will focus on new IPs in future”

    1. Yeah, he’s definitely gonna need a break especially after bringing back such an underrated franchise that hasn’t had a new fresh game in years.

      Well, whatever it is he’s working on, I’m sure it’ll turn out to be yet another absolute banger.

  1. Haven’t played the first two. I briefly played Travis strikes back but it was too strange for my tastes. I want to try the first one but it’s barely ever on sale lol

    1. If you could, I would absolutely recommend playing no more heroes if you love a good hand and slash with funny (sometimes dirty) humor, cartoony gore (cartoony blood flies everywhere; it’s fantastic), and a lovable protagonist.

      I was able to get a copy of the first game on the Wii (miracoulously) which I played with my brother, and we had an absolute blast through the whole game.

      The second game gave us the same quality contrast that you’d get, for example, if you just hopped into Kingdom Hearts II after the first few games. It’s an absolute world of difference, with everything we loved about the first entry having upped its game. We’re still playing through the second, actually, and it’s been an absolute ride since.

      Travis strikes is back is a complete spinoff, so it doesn’t represent the original games at all. Travis strikes back was mainly made to give fans a game to play with in the wait between the second game and No More Heroes 3, and now, the wait is finally over ๐Ÿ˜Ž.

      In conclusion, if you love a good hack and slash with funny dirty hor, cartoony blood n gore, and a lovable protagonist, then No More Heroes is a must play. Cheers!

      1. Thanks for your info. Yea, sounds like it’s right up my alley, but man that spinoff game was just super strange to me lol

        Good to hear it’s mainly a deviation from the first two lol

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