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Monolith Soft’s site undergoing server maintenance on 8th September leading to speculation about new Xenoblade and Nintendo Direct

Monolith Soft, the acclaimed JRPG studio behind the Xenoblade Chronicles series, have announced that their official website will be experiencing server maintenance which will happen on Wednesday, 8th September. It’s unusual for them to give a heads up that their website will be down for a period of time and is leading many to speculate that the unannounced but heavily rumoured Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will be unveiled and their website revamped with information about the game. We’ve already heard that journalist Imran Kahn says the next Xenoblade game is nearing the end of its development and one of the voice actors has also said she “thinks” Monolith Soft is releasing another Xenoblade game for Nintendo Switch. Perhaps it will be unveiled during the expected but unannounced September Nintendo Direct presentation?


    1. I wouldnt say it was a ugly game…. Just kinda rushed… Movements in cutscense where super robotic and not really natural. Models looked pixilated at times when in water and kinda fuzzy… Oddessy does that too i noticed. But torna handled movements better

  1. Thank god managed to get physical copies of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Torna The Golden Country because those games are gonna become hella expensive here in the states later on, especially the physical copy of Torna.
    Just wish Monolith would port XBC X to the switch with additional content, like an actual ending rather than that crappy cliffhanger they left us with on the wiiu version.

  2. Well I’m not getting my hopes up for this and I don’t play Xenoblade Chronicles series but I can’t wait to see what characters or content will have for the next game.

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