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SEGA looking into the Sonic Colors Ultimate bugs and you can also flag them

SEGA’s recently released Sonic Colors Ultimate hasn’t gotten off to the best of starts with owners of the game reporting issues on pretty much every platform, however the Switch version appears to have the most issues. Today, Sonic the Hedgehog social media manager Katie said on Twitter that the company is aware that customers have had issues with the game and they are working on addressing those issues in an upcoming patch for Sonic Colors Ultimate. Katie also says that you can report issues on the support site.


  1. I completely agree with you, this time sega shouln’t walk away with this.

    Sega always does what nintendon’t and they were right…sega is an expert when it comes to tarnishing their biggest IP name

  2. We shouldn’t have to report them to begin with, don’t these guys know what “Play Testing” is?

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