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The Game Awards 2021 kicks off on 9th December

the game awards

It is hard to believe but in two month’s time the annual The Game Awards will be airing on Thursday, 9th December. Organiser and presenter Geoff Keighley will naturally be at the helm for The Game Awards 2021 and hopefully there will be a few exciting premiers to get the audience and worldwide viewers going. This year’s event will be live in-person and will be broadcast from the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles. Geoff hasn’t teased anything yet, but as the premier date grows closer expect plenty of subtle teases from the man himself. Last year’s event saw Sephiroth unveiled for Super Smash Bros Ultimate so it will be interesting to what Nintendo has in-store for The Game Awards 2021, given that the final Smash Bros Ultimate character will be unveiled Tuesday, 5th October.

6 thoughts on “The Game Awards 2021 kicks off on 9th December”

    1. I honestly don’t think it’s worth showing anything’s since the ga is literally a big advertisement will probably get another “Nintendo switch has games” ad there, besides Nintendo usually have a direct in Jan or Feb for spring time so it be best wait for the actual good announcement rather than disappointing yourself at the game awards

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