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Nintendo explains why Switch OLED has Vivid Mode and Standard Mode

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In the recent interview with the product developers behind the recent launched Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) the team explained why they gave users two options when it comes to the display. If you own a Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) you will have noticed that you can choose between Vivid Mode and Standard Mode. Vivid Mode enhances vibrant colours which may be off-putting to some players, so they also included a standard mode to give a more natural look to the visuals displayed on screen. I have noticed that some users on social media say that they prefer Vivid Mode for some games and Standard Mode for other games, but it is all down to personal choice. The Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) is available right now.

Even though the colors have gotten more vivid with the OLED display, some customers may feel like the colors look too vivid. Taking that into consideration, we made it so that the player can select a standard color mode, to make it look like the conventional LCD display. If you prefer the vivid colors of the OLED display, you can keep it in the vibrant color mode that is default out of the box.

Toru Yamashita, Nintendo’s Deputy General Manager of Technology Development.


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  1. I do not like vivid mode, to me the colors are over saturated and garish. To each their own though, if you like it, enjoy it.

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