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Kingdom Hearts producer says porting the series to Switch natively is still “undecided”

Kingdom Hearts fans were in for a rollercoaster of emotions when it was announced during the final Super Smash Bros. Ultimate presentation that the entire series would be coming to Nintendo Switch, but only exclusively through cloud streaming technology. Cloud versions are a somewhat controversial way of bringing titles to various platforms, as streaming games not only requires an active internet connection, but can also cause frustrating input lag and gameplay stutter.

In an interview with NintendoLife, Kingdom Hearts producer Ichiro Hazama was questioned the actual reasoning behind Square Enix not porting the games natively to Switch.

Bringing these titles to Nintendo Switch proved to be quite difficult for various reasons, including the storage capacity of the hardware, but we’re excited that we were able to make it happen for the first time ever by utilizing the Cloud service.”

– Kingdom Hearts producer, Ichiro Hazama

When then asked about the possibility of some of the less graphically demanding titles in the series getting a future native Switch port, such as Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 Remix, Hazama responded by saying; “At this moment in time, the production of a native version is undecided. We believe that the Cloud version is currently the best way to deliver the Kingdom Hearts series to Nintendo Switch players, but we are always excited to hear to feedback from our fans and want to thank them for all their support.”


8 thoughts on “Kingdom Hearts producer says porting the series to Switch natively is still “undecided””

  1. Well, that’s certainly a way to lose a portion of whatever little sales of the cloud versions they were going to get.

    I was admittedly tempted to get the cloud versions of 1.5+2.5 just to fulfill my curiosity, but if there’s still a possibility of 1.5+2.5 natively coming to Switch, then there’s no reason to even do that.

  2. They’re testing the waters with streaming and hopes for a lot of double dippers if they decide to make native ports.
    Or if no one buys the cloud edition they might consider native port. Who knows?

  3. Why are these people so… stupid? Why say that AFTER the cloud announcement? to make people hold out more for the versions everybody has been asking for from the damn outset. I swear, I will never understand it.

  4. Meanwhile, doesn’t matter to me either way. I just got that complete bundle on Ps4 a few weeks ago on sale for like $20, so either way I’m not gonna be a buyer when they eventually make their minds up.

  5. I’ve been eager to play these games for some years now, but there’s no way I will “rent” a cloud version… so yeah, thanks for the minimum effort, Square.

  6. I get why KH3 needs to be streamed through Cloud but I’m baffled to why there’s no digital physical release of every other KH game.

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