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US NPD: Nintendo Switch 33 consecutive months as best-selling system has now been broken by PS5

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The latest USA video game software and hardware sales figures for the month of September 2021 have come in via sales tracker, NPD Group. The Nintendo Switch had been the best-selling video game hardware for 33 consecutive months, but now that amazing run has ended as Sony’s PlayStation 5 console came in at No.1 in September 2021. The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles have been facing stock shortages worldwide. Video game publisher and developer EA claimed the two top spot in the USA all-formats charts for September 2022 with Madden NFL 22 at No.1 and FIFA 22 at No.2. On the Nintendo Switch side of things it was Mario Kart 8 Deluxe at No.1 followed by WarioWare: Get it Together!

September 2021 USA Top 20 video games (All platforms)

September 2021 USA Nintendo Top 20 video games


24 thoughts on “US NPD: Nintendo Switch 33 consecutive months as best-selling system has now been broken by PS5”

  1. I’m still trying to figure out how a console that has only appeared online for a select number of very fortunate people since launch can be breaking ANY sales? It feels like Sony’s just lying so they can cover up the fact of how pissed off so many people are for not being able to find a PS5. They don’t even as much as talk about when the consoles might start appearing on store shelves. I’m sick of them!

      1. It would be criminal fraud. Publicly traded companies are legally required to provide a large amount of data to investors, as investors are part owners in said companies. That’s how we get a lot of our information about the industry.

  2. Great! As a die hard nintendo fan I am very pleased this happened PS5 totally deserves this.. being up to today’s power standard trying to make better gaming experience for the player allowing them to use voice chat, strong online services, powerful enough to run any game without sacrificing much so yeah I dont see why it shouldnt be number 1!

    As much as I love nintendo they wowed us with the hybrid concept back in 2017 so we ignored the lack of power in favor of hybrid technology but as we proceeded with the switch over the years it just cannot be ignored anymore the switch just lacks the power to run any game that demands power (hence all cloud games and many more that
    skipped the console all together GTA V, COD, RE8,…etc) being nintendo main user u have games with FPS barely hitting 30 is the norm… very few games runs at 1080p 60fps and mostly first party games that runs well and even some of the first party games suffer why?

    Now I dont care about the recent rumors and I am not asking for 4k system at all.. all I wanted as a gamer in 2021 is stable 1080p 60fps <– PS4 level of power (2013)

    But instead we got the same old tech! I hope the oled fails (which it won’t) so that nintendo dont get away with the bare minimum work done as a revision and maybe for once in their life make a console that feels like it is released in the right year of release date (the Wii might be an exception)

    The moral of the story is that as a die hard Nintendo fan I am tired of trying to ignore the lack of power and the missed opportunities of how my favorite games would’ve looked so much better and ran much smoother than how they perform right now. I can never stop talking about how can better power be beneficial to pokemon arcues for example (I kno the game isnt finished but heck like its gonna run 1080p 60fps when its released without any sacrifices in textures and lack of ram omg I am gonna cry bye

    1. I’ve been hearing this argument since the early 2000’s when people were telling me the PS2 was a joke compared to the original Xbox, and there just hasn’t been a generation since when overall graphics performance meant all that much to a console’s success. The PS2 was the most successful console ever, the Wii obliterated the 360 and PS3, even afterward the tech gap between the 360 and PS3 counting for very little, and the Xbox One’s power advantage was totally meaningless to the overwhelming majority of the market.

      Even now, the Switch has been the weakest console on the market and dominated for 4 years. Nintendo runs in cycles of roughly 5, meaning that in spite of constant whining and moaning about the Switch’s power for the entirety of its lifespan…… it turns out the only people who care are online forum people.

      You want more powerful hardware, great. Buy the PS5, buy the Steam….. what’s it called? Shoot, I preordered one and I don’t even remember. Buy the tech you want and be happy, but at some point in your life you’re going to have to come to terms with the fact that your tech preferences are well above the preferences of the market in general, and the overall trend of consumer electronics is going to be weaker than you prefer……… and there’s nothing inherently wrong with that.

      1. Actually the PS and Xbox combined sell way more than Nintendo so people do want power. It’s not even as much about power but the fact that people want a console that offers the biggest library of triple A titles. You buy a Nintendo for 10 games tops and a playstation for example for 40-50 games of the same quality if not better. Yes Nintendo used to make great content but most of that was on the nes , snes , n64 and a big part of that was made by Rare.

        I have been around since the beginning , Nintendo was my life but they didn’t evolve with the rest of the industry.

        Breath of the wild amazing game but we where already playing these type of games on the PS3 so there late to the party
        Descent online support on the Switch , we already had this last gen late to the party
        Still no open world Pokemon wich me and other people I know that played pokemon for hundreds of hours already wanted in 2008 when world of warcraft for example was taking over the world , still not made , late to the party.

        Lack of merchandise like funko pops or any real merchandise to begin with besides overpriced amiibo’s missed opertunity.
        Movies , series? they are coming but could have been there a longgggg time ago.

        Maby i’m wrong but it feels there just stuborn old japanese that are way behind on everything.

        The Wii sold allot you say? Yeah every local bar , 50 year old , girl and mother that never touched a console in there life had one over here (also because of the rise of mobile phone gaming and tablets) but that didn’t mean anything to a person like me that made Nintendo great in the 90s when gaming was only for a select few.

        Again about power and graphics like he mentiont , I really liked Breath of the Wild Zelda is my nr1 franchise since i played the first part on the nes when i was 4 years old , but I do wonder what it could have been with better graphics and more power. You can also look at it like this , if you think Nintendo games are so great than why not make them even greater. Why make 10 when you can make a 10+. Would lord of the rings be this great a movie if they made everything CGI instead of real set pieces , locations , clothing and weapons? Exactly ;)

    2. I’m in the same boat as you been a die hard Nintendo fan since the late 80s when I was just a kid , I stopped buying Nintendo’s after the WII and own a PS3 and PS4 instead. I agree on everything you said and know allot of people who from my generation who think the same.

  3. People trying to analyze the situation, you have to keep in mind people weren’t buying Switches in September to hold off for the OLED release in October.

    1. Like any new console? That said the only thing that matters is that every PS and Xbox gen people own 40-50 triple A titles with the same review scores as mario and zelda and Nintendo only has 5-10 games at the end of the run. This is coming from a die hard Nintendo fan thats been playing since the 80s and owned every console till the Wii u

  4. The only reason why Nintendo didn’t have the most sales in September is because people were holding off for the OLED model. The rest of the year will be Nintendo’s.

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