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European eShop charts: Top 15 Nintendo Switch games for October 2021

metroid dread

Last month, along with its Halloween festivities and slew of new game releases, has come and gone. The eShop sales data for October has been properly analyzed internally, and Nintendo of Europe has revealed the top 15 most downloaded Nintendo Switch eShop games for the month overall. Unsurprisingly, Metroid Dread, which launched alongside the Nintendo Switch OLED model on 8th October, takes the #1 spot. In an impressive feat, Mario Party Superstars has managed to reach #2, despite not releasing until the tail end of the month. Check out the full top 15 list below.

Top 15 Nintendo Switch Games: October 2021

  1. Metroid Dread
  2. Mario Party Superstars
  3. FIFA 22 Legacy Edition
  4. Minecraft
  5. Diablo II: Resurrected
  6. Among Us
  7. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
  8. Stardew Valley
  9. Animal Crossing: New Horizons
  10. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
  11. Disco Elysium: The Final Cut
  12. Pokémon Sword
  13. Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury
  14. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  15. Super Mario Party


5 thoughts on “European eShop charts: Top 15 Nintendo Switch games for October 2021”

  1. I’m eagerly awaiting proper definitive sales numbers for Metroid Dread.
    I’m not sure that we will get something like that until March/April and the fiscal meetings, but I hope they do an exception and give us the full numbers before that.

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