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Video: Nintendo Minute receive a home music studio tour from Supergiant Games audio director Darren Korb

It is Friday, so it isn’t surprising at all, but Kit and Krysta have returned to bring fans a brand new episode of Nintendo Minute. In this week’s episode, there isn’t any video game they’re playing. In fact, this week’s episode is all about Supergiant Games audio director Darren Korb. Korb’s most recent contributions involve the game Hades. He’s the voice behind Zagreus, Skelly, and the singing voice of Orpheus. Korb also composed the game’s soundtrack.

The pair said in the video description that “we’re so thrilled to hang out (virtually) with Darren Korb, audio director at Supergiant Games and get a tour of his home music studio. Darren is amazingly talented and if you love the music and voice acting in Hades as much as we do then you’ll understand why we love Darren so much.”. You can see Nintendo of America‘s official tweet about the matter, which contains the video, down below.

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